I starting this idea with the desire to try building my first three colour deck and after rolling around with idea, I thought that pest, and inklings sounded like fun. This is my first attempt to design a deck that relies on token generators/support spells to win the game, with a few lifelink and aristocrat cards tossed in there for the added survival. I'm going to keep working on this for a while yet as I purchase and physically build the deck and hopefully before long I'll have something really fun and different. I'll add some of the choice combos as I develop them.

My first challenge is the commander, I want to try out a few new things but I like the partner mechanic and it would be new for me, I also would like to make sure I have a couple options if I find these guys don't work so I'll be putting others like Ghave, the guru of spores in the deck to replace the other two if they just don't do it for the deck.


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