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You can't play that card. Nope not that one either




BW enchantments in standard. Very controlly in a fun way. Use early discard spells to set you up for lost legacy and gideon's intervention to name their big baddy spells cough "scarab god" cough.

Fumigate/settle the wreckage clear the board from aggro/early threats.

Ixalan's binding locks down threats on the field including other enchantments, artifacts, and planes walkers.

Kambal helps keep control decks at bay.

The walls help control early aggro creatures and can help ping for damage.

Torment of scarabs/hellfire tax and can be finishers once they're locked out of the game.

THEEEEEN we get to side board. It's a creature transformation side board. Your opponent gets locked out and sides out all their removal. You switch to aggro control by siding in all your creatures.

I look forward to piloting this deck with the release of Ixalan. Let me know what you think!


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I'm considering putting in another torment of scarabs and lost legacy, but not sure what to take out. Let me know any ideas.


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