Hello all!

This is what I'm currently thinking of building for an Abzan Midrange deck, to some my choices may seem a little odd, as I am not playing the infamous bob, but I'm thinking that playing Noble-hierarch and Smiter makes me better equipped to fight decks like Tron and UWx control builds that usually are favored when playing against this deck, as well as burn which confidant is usually terrible against. I'm also looking for any and all suggestions people have out there.

Wrath of God is in my sideboard until I can afford Damnation


Here's what I've seen at my LGS:

Shadow Zoo, Infect, Bogles, Ad Nauseum, Restore Balance, Affinity, Jund, Mono-Black Midrange, Mono-Black Zombies, Mono-Green Elves, GB Elves, Wall Combo, Abzan, Mono-black sacrifice, Standard Naya Humans, Lantern Control, Hatebears, Esper Tokens, Kiki Toolbox, Esper Control.

(Full description will come in time)


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