It was midnight. I woke up, silently crawled out of bed and glanced through the window. The full moon shone, it's cold light warming my heart. I could not tear my gaze away from the power rippling from the mere sight of it. I heard the rush of blood through my veins and smiled. The hunt is calling for me again.

Thus, I opened my laptop and put together this midnight brew.


To start with, this deck, as a not-ultra-aggressive-but-still-kinda-aggressive deck, has a mana curve as beautiful as the Werewolves' hunting grace.

There are five one-drops in the deck: A playset of Wolfbitten Captive   and one Reckless Waif  . Both cards are great turn one plays, with the former offering more utility while the latter is simply a good aggro card.

The two-drops include four copies of Mayor of Avabruck  , which is a cheap lord that can also make tokens once flipped, and a couple Duskwatch Recruiter  s to help dig for creatures or make casting them easier. We also have Full Moon's Rise as a two-mana anthem that offers protection and Moonmist to just flip all our wolves in one go.

In the three-drop slot we have Immerwolf since it's lord that also prevents transformed werewolves from flipping back, which is always great. And Geier Reach Bandit  , after it flips, allows us to flip any wolf that enters the battlefield straightaway. I'm not playing Howlpack Resurgence simply because I'd rather draw another creature than a three-mana anthem, even with the upside of Howlpack Resurgence .

Our only four-drop wolf is Huntmaster of the Fells  . It is probably the most powerful Werewolf ever printed. The problem is, our plan is to flip the wolves as fast as possible (see Moonmist and Geier Reach Bandit  ) and beat the opponent to death while hoping that they won't flip back (see Immerwolf ). But with the huntmaster, flipping it back and forth offers the most value, so it's not actually that great in our deck. We do have two copies of it just because of its sheer power. The other four-drop is Arlin Kord. She is technically a planeswalker with five abilities, which is extremely versatile.

We actually have one five-drop, Ulrich of the Krallenhorde  . It's basically the "big boy" in our deck, Titanic Growth -ing one of our creatures when we drop him and fighting (basically killing) a creature of our choice when he's flipped.

We have six slots for removal spells, split in three Lightning Bolt s and three Moonlight Hunt s. Moonlight Hunt is great since it gives us a way to kill basically any creature as long as we have a few wolves on the battlefield.

Our mana base is pretty simple, for the sake of budget. (In case you don't know, I only build decks that I can afford.) One Ghost Quarter , one Pendelhaven , two Kessig Wolf Run s, twelve duals with sensible costs ( Game Trail , Karplusan Forest , and Rootbound Crag ), and a bunch of basic lands.

The sideboard has some typical sideboard cards in it: Destructive Revelry to remove artifacts and enchantment, Alpine Moon to hate on Tron, Damping Sphere against both Tron and Storm, and Tormod's Crypt to keep 'yards in check. We also have some "weirder" cards: Mondronen Shaman   as an on-tribe Storm hate card that can also be a dangerous curve-topper, Pyreheart Wolf to make our creatures harder to block with menace against go-wide tactics, Spirit of the Hunt for extra protection, Silverfur Partisan against all sort of target removal (maybe it's even main-deckable), and Witchstalker against basically any blue/black based deck that runs instants. Hexproof also makes it great against control.


All in all, this deck is pretty budget-friendly and actually quite competitive in small leagues, private tournaments, or FNMs, but it's not a tier-one-grinder-deck and I wouldn't expect to win a Grand Prix with it.

Anyways, may the hunt be with you wherever you go.


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