This idea sprouted from Ethereal Armor. I absolutely love auras, it's just that creatures are so fragile. However, When your creatures have hexproof, or are unblockable, or both (I'm looking at you Invisible Stalker) this becomes much less of a problem.

The basic premise is to throw all your auras on any of the creatures in the deck really, and the more auras you use, the better Ethereal Armor becomes.

Pacifism and Detention Sphere are decent control that also mark up the enchantment count.

A lot of the stuff in the Maybeboard is very situational, for example Rest in Peace and Ground Seal, so they will probably end up in the sideboard (which I could use some help with). Other stuff in the Maybeboard is stuff that felt good in the deck, but lost out to "better" cards, so I would definitely still consider them.

Also, on turn one, I'm doing nothing, so if there is anything I missed that could go there, please let me know.

I would really love suggestions for the deck! I'm not very good at deckbuilding, so if my numbers are off, please tell me!


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Took out Latch Seeker and Drogskol Captain because they weren't doing much. Added Quirion Dryad and Geist of Saint Traft in their place. Changed up the mana base a bit. Also, decided to switch out Oblivion Ring for Detention Sphere, although I don't know if I'll ever get a hold of 4 of them. Also, Geist of Saint Traft is a bit of a pipe dream, since 4 of them is about a hundred dollars.


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