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Matt's Blue-Black Death's Shadow

Modern Death's Shadow UB (Dimir)


The current draft of Modern Blue-Black Death's Shadow. You can learn more about this deck over at Matt Plays Magic, my awesome Magic blog!

Here's my historical record:


Vs. Izzet Reveler (W)

Vs. Esper Vial (W)

Vs. Mono-Green Tron (W)

Vs. Jeskai Control (W)

Vs. Burn (W)

Vs. Four Color Shadow (W)

Vs. Mono-Green Tron (W)

Vs. Bogles (L)

Vs. Hardened Scales Affinity (L)

Vs. Mardu Pyromancer (W)

Vs. Amulet Titan (W)

Vs. R/G Ponza (W)

Vs. G/W Company (L)

Vs. Mono-G Tron (W)

Vs. As Foretold Living End (W)

Vs. Izzet Phoenix (L)

Vs. 8-Rack (L)

Vs. Skred Red (W)

Vs. Mono-G Tron (L)

Vs. Jund (W)

Vs. Hardened Scales Affinity (W)

Vs. GR Scapeshift (W)

Vs. Mono-G Tron (D)

Vs. GW Company (W)

Vs. Hollow One (L)

Vs. GW Valuetown (W)

Vs. UW Control (W)

Vs. UW Control (W)

Vs. Blue Moon (W)

Vs. Naya Zoo (L)

Vs. Burn (W)

Vs. GR Scapeshift (W)

Vs. Grixis Shadow (L)

Vs. UW Control (L)


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