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I hope that this deck can become the top creature forcefeed deck on tappedout. Only 75 upvotes to go! :)

The idea of this deck is to use Illness in the Ranks and Maelstrom Pulse to negate the disadvantages of Hunted Troll and Hunted Horror while pinging them from every dead token with Blood Artist and Blood Seeker. The rest of the deck provides disruption to allow for a quick start but a fallback plan. It is an incredibly consistant deck with the capability to come out with an explosive start or control the game and win later on.
Turn 1: Play Forbidden Orchard, tap for Illness in the Ranks (the token dies)

Turn 2: Play a second Forbidden Orchard, tap both for Blood Artist

Turn 3: Play a third Forbidden Orchard and tap all three (Blood Artist drains them for 3 life) to play Hunted Phantasm (Blood Artist drains them for 5 life)

Turn 4: Play the fourth and final Forbidden Orchard and tap all four (Blood Artist drains them for 4 life) for a second Hunted Phantasm (Blood Artist drains them for 5 life) and a Fatal Push or Dismember. Then swing them for 4 with the first Hunted Phantasm. Overall, they take 21 damage and you gain 17 life so that totals to a 38 point life swing turn 4.

Although 38 is the best you can do for turn four I think you can get a 94 point life swing on turn 5. Please tell me if you find a way to do better. I think that is the best possible (assuming they do not interact with you).

The maybeboard for this deck is for making it more budget and much more fun for casual play. It would replace most of the utility section which is the competitive side of the deck. Please do not suggest cards for the maybeboard unless it is fun and under $5. Otherwise, all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for checking out my deck.

Hunted Victory


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I added Damping Matrix and when Trespasser's Curse (from the Amonkhet spoilers) is added to tappedout I will replace Blood Seeker with it. Here it is: Trespasser's Curse

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