Added a sideboard before I took this deck to my lgs. Also, I added some basic so I don't die against Blood Moon anymore. On 2017-03-11 I updated the sideboard with some suggestions from LeaPlath

Dreamlocke says... #1

Entertaining concept. You may wish to take advantage of cards that allow you to return creatures to player's hands. If you return a token, it disappears, and if you need to save one of your creatures, you will be able to reuse them for their effects.

March 9, 2017 7:25 p.m.

I looked around for possible bounce cards however I could not find any that seemed streamlined enough to be useful. Also, I added a sideboard as of March 9th.

March 9, 2017 7:47 p.m.

TheRedGoat says... #3

Given all the ETB effects I would recommend some blink cards like Cloudshift over bounce effects. Better yet, Essence Flux will let you additionally pump the spirit.

March 9, 2017 11:49 p.m.