Only make deals with demons if you have the utmost intention of never holding up your end of the bargain.

The old mage furiously leafed through the tome, eager to finish it before the candle would perish. It had to be in one of these, he was sure of it. Another way, a loophole. In his dreams, his opium-fueled Serum Visions, he could see it so clearly: the exquisite clarity and wisdom he longed for, he would do anything for. It flew away from him on two great wings, posing riddles as the great Prognostic Sphinxes of old. He needed more knowledge, more power. One more deal, one more Demonic Pact. His soul was already damned, Bedeviled, but perhaps, if he could obtain such enlightenment, he could banish his ill fate with an Echoing Truth, or dissolve his debt by other means. He had to find a way to beat the devil at his own game. For he knew, if his last moral hour came, endless torment awaited him in the next life...

v4.3, currently. (Budget version found here: Budget-FAUST)

Scry and draw or tutor towards the main win cons in the deck: Demonic Pact + Harmless Offering or Teferi's Time Twist.

Basically, you want to play Demonic Pact, hold out three turns by choosing the good options for yourself, and then cast Harmless Offering on it for the win, or Teferi's Time Twist it to reset all your options, or Grixis Charm it (or Echoing Truth multiple) to return them to your hand before they expire.


Demonic Pact is honestly the coolest card in the game, folks. The flavour is so real. Sure, it's a do-nothing enchantment that costs 2BB and has to wait till your next upkeep to come online, but damnit, we're not here to win, we're here to play some gorram Magic. And to win. By playing a card that blatantly says 'You lose the game'. If your opponent lets it stick on the field though, hoo boy does this thing create some value. 4 mana for draw 2, deal 4/gain 4, discard 2? It's pretty great. This is where the deck started for me, once I saw it I immediately wanted to make a deck that's all about making shady deals for power and knowledge and having no intention to pay for it all.


Search for Azcanta   signifies our old mage's search for forbidden knowledge. In more practical terms, it helps us find the spells we need just in time to pay the piper. Sometimes you really need that kill spell next turn, or you need to get rid of that Pact, but you don't have the means to do so in hand. Search for Azcanta gets you there.


The deck features several counterspells, removal spells and modal spells to control the board.

Lightning Bolt removes critters and zaps planeswalkers. It can close out those final few life points after the Pacts have gotten in there. I really don't need to tell you how good Lightning Bolt is.

Echoing Truth will usually function as removal and occasionally bounce 2 or even 3 creatures at that. It can also get you out of a bind with your own Demonic Pact.

Teferi's Time Twist is a card I've been hoping they would print for a long time. For the first time in the history of Demonic Pact, we can just flicker it at instant speed to reset all the options without having to spend a boatload of mana to bounce it and recast it. It might also save/reset your Planeswalker. "Nicol Bolas, -4 your face, in response to your removal/before combat damage/at your end step cast Time Twist, my turn -4 your face again" seems good.

Terminate kills most things you want killed straight dead.

Bedevil answers almost everything you can answer in Grixis, and does so quickly.

Grixis Charm kills most creatures. It also returns an expiring Pact to your hand and is an absolute beating with a few of your flyers out. Bounce someone's 'comes into play tapped' lands on end step or whatever. Very versatile spell.


Serum Visions smoothes out our early game, fixing our draws for minimal cost. It's also nice in the late game, where it combos well with Demonic Pact and Ob Nixilis Reignited to sculpt your hand.

Thoughtseize just fits the flavour of the deck so well. It's plain good. 1 mana and 2 life for your opponent's best card. You can T1 this confidently, or save one for your game winning turn to strip your opponent of any disruption they might be sandbanking.

Cut / Ribbons removes most creatures and then it sits there in your yard, all unassuming until you have enough mana to body someone.

Harmless Offering is a mean card for mean people. Never accept gifts. Trust no one. (But seriously, give someone an expiring Demonic Pact with this, it feels so nice.)

Shreds of Sanity gets you back your board wipe and your bounce spell or something. It ain't Snapcaster Mage, but it also ain't 80 bucks, so I'll take it. We're running this instead of Mission Briefing because it serves the combo better (gets back a countered/discarded Harmless Offering + insurance in the form of Teferi's Time Twist or Logic Knot).

Damnation was a flavour auto-include. It also happens to do useful things. This deck doesn't care for creatures existing, so get thee to a graveyard post-haste.

Yahenni's Expertise is our other wrath. It kills most things and gives you a free cast. I suggest Grixis Charming your opponent's biggest creature/tapland.

Dark Petition is how we find that board wipe or that Harmless Offering we need.


The Scarab God is one of the ancient sources of knowledge we can turn to in hopes of weaseling out of our deal. He is also our only creature. But boy, is he a creature at that. Won't die, gets out of control when you untap with him and start bringing back all your opponent's bombs you've been killing/discarding all this time, scrying, getting in for 5, looking all dope...


Ob Nixilis Reignited is the demon that holds the contract. How fitting that he should provide us with card draw at the risk of our health, destroy obstacles in our way and punish our opponents for attempting to match our arcane knowledge.

Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh is the other ancient source of knowledge we can call upon. He shreds our opponent's hand, kills creatures and burns faces for 7. The other modes are less relevant, but once your opponent is in topdeck mode you can just get some free value with the +2.


Use your Demonic Pacts aggressively. Sure, you can wait to drop one until you have an answer for it in your hand, but they're slow to get started and you'll most likely draw into an answer while enjoying the perks of your deal with the devil. It's also a lot of fun to play one and not know for sure if you can get rid of it in time. It makes for exciting games! You'll lose some, sure, but it's all about the fun anyway.

A good starting hand is generally three lands (a Swamp being one of them to bring all your Drowned Catacombs and Dragonskull Summits online), a kill spell, a counterspell, a draw/selection spell and a win con.

The game ain't over till you're dead. This deck plays it real risky and quite often, you'll be pulling off comebacks from as low as 1 life. Don't be afraid to use your life total as a resource, you can get a lot of it back with your Pacts. Let some damage through if it means you can wipe the entire board next turn and save a kill spell for a rainy day. Live fast, die a cheating old bastard.


Pact of Negation is the ultimate counterspell for a deck that's about not paying your dues. You side this in when you're up against a control deck, then you tap out to do your Harmless Offering combo, then they put something cute like Spell Pierce on the stack, then you take out a loan with whichever demon has 3UU lying around and counter them right the hell back. And then you pay jack shit because the game is over on their upkeep.

Logic Knot is what we slot in against the control matchup. We want to safely donate Pacts, but also protect against awful bombs that our removal spells might miss. Delve in this deck generally just turns this into Counterspell.

Rakdos Charm is our artifact removal, our graveyard hate and our 'oh shit'-button against token swarms.

Rakdos's Return is a nice burn spell finisher, but don't be afraid to cast it for less than lethal if it means you can dumpster your opponent's hand. Them being in topdeck mode usually means we win.

Anger of the Gods is the boardwipe for those matchups where they just dump a dozen fun-size homies onto the board in three turns.

Ashiok, Dream Render because we don't want our opponent to do graveyard shenanigans and we don't want them to tutor for stuff, or fetch lands, or whatever. Honestly, screw 'em.

Bedevil gets an extra copy in the side just in case.

Hour of Devastation is the fourth wrath in the deck. The important parts are removing indestructible and hitting planeswalkers, making it more versatile than the others. It's more expensive to cast though, so it's in the sideboard.

Prognostic Sphinx is immortal. It has a big butt, it flies, any card in your hand gives it hexproof whenever. Oh, yeah, and IT SCRIES 3 EVERY TIME IT SWINGS. This guys ends games. Get you that cool Clash Pack promo version. He deserves it. You deserve it. Slot it in if your opponent likes their kill spells a bit too much or if they have bigger flyers than you do. Ol’ Prognostic eats ‘em for breakfast.

Cruel Ultimatum is an easy swap for our planeswalkers if we're facing too much removal/creatures to safely deploy those. A good curve-topper that works an alternative angle.

Sphinx of the Final Word. Because sometimes, people will keep messing with your spells. That Harmless Offering will resolve. As will all the rest.

Well, that's the deck. It won't win you a GP anytime soon but it sure is a lot of fun to pilot. I hope that you either want to play it, or brew a variation on it, or that it inspired you to just build something fun instead of optimal but flavourless. Have fun with it.


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