A flavourful Greek mythology deck for EDH

I'm basically looking to draw all the cards, ramp out, cast bombs and win on the combat step with a giant indestructible first striking flying unblockable army of myth. Fair Magic*.

I always brew flavour first, function second. This deck is based on the gods of Theros, their worshippers and some of the nobler mythological creatures. I'm also working on a counterpart in B/R, which will be the Tartarus half of the pair. The top-down design of the deck means that Sigil of the Empty Throne is not in there, for example, because it's more of a Judeo-Christian win con than a Greek mythology one, even though it would be bonkers. I also set the challenge for myself to brew without artifacts for once, in case you're wondering where Sol Ring went.


How it wins

I wanted a deck that could do absurd stuff, but wouldn't feel too degenerate. You can keep the infinite stuff in hand if the table can't keep up with those shenanigans, and every card in the deck is a flavour-include first, function-include second, so whatever power is in the deck is hardly as bad as it could be. The few tutors in the deck are face-up and several Enchantress auto-includes are absent because they clash with the theme. The deck works fine as a 75%, play for fun with friends type of deck, but it can punch above its weight if need be. Cheers, and may the muses inspire the epic poems of your victories!

*Unless you count the broken things


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