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Enter the (Very Large but) Finite

Casual Combo Five Color


This haphazard concoction looks like a pretty bad deck. Honestly, that's basically what it is, and you should never attempt to play something like this.

But maybe, just maybe, you'll get 7 specific cards in the opening hand, along with one more stroke of good luck, in which case you can make crazy things happen: as far as I know, among all possible 60-card Vintage-legal decks that are NOT capable of going infinite (or more accurately, repeatedly being able to perform a loop without bound in such a way that each iteration allows it to produce more damage output), this is a record-setting deck when it comes to dealing as much damage as possible to a goldfish in the span of the first turn.

When all the stars are aligned, and your game can proceed without getting cut short by time limits or an opponent's concession, you can get a truly ridiculous amount of damage, almost all of which will be dealt by various copies of Repercussion.

The updated writeup is still to come, but when it's finished, it will be available at http://soniccenter.org/sm/mtg/megacombo.html if you want to see how it's supposed to play out without trying to untangle the huge mess that is a raw decklist full of counterintuitive stuff.


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This deck is Casual legal.

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