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An ocean of cards, hoards of treasure, tsunamis of molten fire, horrifying monsters: a multiplayer Jeskai prototype

How in the what is this? Glad to oblige! It's a turbo-fog group-draw engine driving Smothering Tithe to generate gobs of Treasure which is used to burn up to three players at once with Jaya's Immolating Inferno . Chasm Skulker and Kefnet the Mindful serve as distraction threats while Dispatch offers some spot removal. Vault of Catlacan ( Storm the Vault   is easy to transform with Smothering Tithe ) makes it possible to use Treasure s as a mana-base without even saccing them. This is not a deck built for speed, but for elegance and fun in a casual multiplayer format.

Opponents love losing to this deck - with all the cards they draw, their decks have every opportunity to go off. Everyone has a great time until Jaya's Immolating Inferno ends the game abruptly. It happens so suddenly, they practically forget how they lose.


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