Warden of the First Tree


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fate Reforged (FRF) Mythic Rare

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Warden of the First Tree

Creature — Human

: Warden of the First Tree becomes a Human Warrior with base power and toughness 3/3.

: If Warden of the First Tree is a Warrior, it becomes a Human Spirit Warrior with trample and lifelink.

: If Warden of the First Tree is a Spirit, put five +1/+1 counters on it.

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Warden of the First Tree Discussion

Anteus3575 on Warriors

8 months ago

I would get rid of Thalia, Heretic Cathar and Warden of the First Tree because first of all neither of them are warriors. I would replace them with some more removal and perhaps Lingering Souls, also two more Bloodsoaked Champion as well as some Brutal Hordechief in exchange of some mixture of Chief of the Scale and Herald of Dromokaand even though it is not the cheapest Path to Exile is amazing.and pain lands and bounce lands would fix the mana base + some Unclaimed Territory

golgariizzet on Pay your taxes

10 months ago

so i have a few suggestions life gain is fun and i have one with same colors except i went without blue. Aetherborn Marauder, Archangel of Thune, Blood Baron of Vizkopa, Courser of Kruphix, Escaped Null, Felidar Sovereign, Gifted Aetherborn, Nyx-Fleece Ram, Rhox Faithmender, Spike Feeder, Vampire Nighthawk, Warden of the First Tree, Abzan Guide, Serra Ascendant, Grand Coliseum, Transguild Promenade, Rupture Spire, Painted Bluffs, Exotic Orchard, Aetherflux Reservoir, Chalice of Life  Flip, Skull of Orm, Test of Endurance, Beacon of Immortality. having green i would suggest some more mana ramp too maybe something like Fog here is my deck also if you want to take a look. Damage Incorporated

Squirrelbacon on Innistrad's Comrades (IRL Modern Humans)

10 months ago

I like Aether Vial as a card and think it is worth a slot, however, in the latest modern protour if you look at the results the Collected Company variants actually placed overall better than the Vial lists for 5c Humans. I'm not saying you need to run a list similar to that, however, it does make sense. Drawing a CoCo on turn 4 or 5 is amazing, where as a Vial is just plain depressing... something to keep in mind.

One card that I do think you need somewhere in the deck is Dryad Militant. I get that she isn't a human, but she looks like on and she is very anti-control/Snapcaster Mage decks.

I understand the price barrier, but Noble Hierarch would help the aggressive nature of this deck. If you goldfish with her for a while, you should feel the power she holds as that one point of damage every turn adds up quick.

I see it is in your sideboard, so I won't say too much but Tireless Tracker also holds a ton of power. Drawing is a fun thing in magic.

All in all, I'd probably flip out the Gather the Townsfolk for CoCo, Hamlet Captain for Tireless Tracker, take out the Warden of the First Tree for one extra Thali and lastly add in a few copies of Dryad Militant in place of maybe... Mardu Woe-Reaper since that cards seems the weakest fo all the cards in the deck.

I like the build and the idea, but that is just my suggestions for it.

Also, Riders of Gavony is a cute card to consider. Best of luck!

Dorotheus on Innistrad's Comrades (IRL Modern Humans)

10 months ago

Bite the bullet and get playable Aether Vials. You seriously will be glad you did, it's the main reason that humans have interaction and can go a longer game or play a faster aggro game. And since most can't afford Cavern of Souls right now, Vial covers the "uncounterable" part also. Get them ASAP because they WILL jump in price. Collected Company is good and all but most have learned it's not 'safe' in modern right now, it's easy to play around it.

Warden of the First Tree is a cute pet card, but it does not do enough, it's too threatening but at the same time extremely easy to just remove after a heavy mana investment and seems to be holding you back from using Unclaimed Territory.
Drop Gather the Townsfolk it's too low power at all, and just play your Auriok Champions mainboard and two other creatures.

Right now I play Allies, Degenerate Allies which is a high-power, fast-paced, almost combo deck (but that's what happens when a combo player builds an aggro deck)
And I'm looking at putting together High Priest Humans which may yield some other ideas for you. I do believe there are multiple ways to build different Humans decks but they are going to have a lot of overlap, competitively.

iNaturalize on Stack up them counters!

11 months ago

Regoober Thanks for the suggestions! I actually had Winding Constrictor in at some point but removed it for some reason. As for Warden of the First Tree, it was in my previous rendition of this deck where it was only Abzan colors, but I took it out for this edition due to the mana it takes to get it higher. As for the Archangel of Thune combo, its going straight in the next time I edit this deck. I dont know about the mana rocks though, my play group plays a ton of cards like Collective Voyage so I usually dont worry about fixing all to much.

Regoober on Stack up them counters!

11 months ago

Sweet deck! It's a great start to a great partner deck. If I were you, I'd focus on swinging lethal with Ishai primary and Alpha Strike Secondary. Instead of Abzan Battle Priest, perhaps Winding Constrictor for more counters for your buck. Trample is good, too: Bramblewood Paragon is my Favorite and it gets you an extra counter on Reyhan as he comes in, too. Warden of the First Tree can be a good place to sink extra mana on weak turns and it can do some crazy damage late game if you've got the time to grow it. Skullbriar, the Walking Grave is a good addition if you start having more B/W/G recursion (because when it dies, you place counters with Reyhan AND it keeps them in the yard). One combo I use is Archangel of Thune + Spike Feeder (infinite +1/+1 on all your creatures and infinite life).

One Final note for any 3+ color deck: You're gonna have days where fixing is a nightmare. I'd Suggest Fellwar Stone and Coalition Relic at the minimum and Farseek,Cultivate, and maybe even Explosive Vegetation if you can find slots.

Have fun and watch out for Spike Cannibals and Thief of Bloods and the ultimately scary Solemnity.

TribalSympathy on GW CoCo Humans

1 year ago

JeskaiM4n I was thinking about getting those Dromoka's Commands out, it's good to know they still have a place in the Sideboard.I'll keep an eye out for some Knight of the Reliquarys once they get reprinted - the Warden of the First Trees were in there because I had nothing better, so I'll get those out for sure as well.

Stormforge_Mystic on GW CoCo Humans

1 year ago

TribalSympathy 6 Mana dorks seems like right. For Knight of the Reliquarys, i would drop all 3 Dromoka's Commands from main deck and maybe put few on sideboard and play 3 Knights.

And you want all 4 Path to Exiles in maindeck for sure.

Warden of the First Trees Out for sure, card isn't just good enough.

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