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The Inspector's Schedule [Izzet Artifacts]

Pioneer Artifact Combo Theme/Gimmick Tokens UR (Izzet)



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Does this deck know a lot about painting? Because it sure does have a lot of arti-facts. Win the game with Reckless Fireweavers, laying down consistent damage with cheap, flexible artifacts like Prophetic Prism and Implement of Combustion, discounted with Foundry Inspectors.

Best-case scenario is a win on turn five; the most minimalist play is as follows:

  1. Mountain
  2. Island, Reckless Fireweaver
  3. Mountain, Foundry Inspector
  4. Island, Reckless Fireweaver, Foundry Inspector
  5. Panharmonicon, Maverick Thopterist

Please feel free to leave feedback and advice!

Abrade: Useful all-round removal.

Foundry Inspector: Allows you to churn out artifacts for meagre mana.

Glint-Nest Crane: Cycles through your deck for the staple artifacts.

Implement of Combustion: Can be sacked cheaply for that little bit of extra damage and card draw, but can also be kept on the board for improvise.

Maverick Thopterist: With one Panharmonicon on the board, you create four Thopters, dealing eight damage if you have one Reckless Fireweaver alone. Thopters are also very useful blockers.

Panharmonicon: Creates some massive turns, and allows for combos to deal double the damage on the turns that it matters.

Prophetic Prism: Allows for some combo potential and becomes cheap really quick, whilst also giving you the option of utilising a colour you elsewise might not have, and giving you a draw on top.

Quasiduplicate: Copies any essential creature toolpieces, and can lay down some explosive damage with Maverick Thoperist.

Quicksmith Rebel: A fantastic one-of. You're essentially paying four for a body and a Shock every turn thereafter. With Panharmonicon, this transforms an otherwise dud board into a threat.

Reckless Fireweaver: Your most consistent means of damage. This chips away your opponent's life total at a rate of knots with a Panharmonicon, and pretty respectably otherwise.

Spare Suppies: Often a more useful Prophetic Prism - can't be used for same-turn improvising, nor mana-fixing however.

Voldaren Epicure: A very versatile 1-drop - with the typical Reckless Fireweaver & Panharmonicon combo, this deals 6 damage, which is nearly as much as the Maverick Thoperist for often much cheaper. Also provides easy draw.

Witching Well: Sort your early draws, and use sac it later for more.

Goblin Kaboomist: Is great for longer, stally games, or major aggro; is a small Mechanized Production on a stick, with some added defensive benefits.

Metallic Rebuke: Could arguably be put into the main deck - often a 1-cost counter.

Radiant Flames: Is nice, flexible removal. Can cast for three damage with Prophetic Prism.

Mechanized Production: Can completely switch up the game with an alternate win-con, and a timer otherwise.

Shrapnel Blast: Can very much speed up your aggro.


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