The strategy to this one, focused more on multiplayer than duels, is pretty straight forward as it's a token generating White Weenie deck. You attempt to build an army of 1/1 tokens that are pumped with various enchantments and other effects. Board wipes and spot removal are available if things get out of hand with your opponent. Elspeth, Sun's Champion can be used to either generate many tokens or remove large creatures. Just be careful you're not destroying your own.

On the plus side, you have cards like Avacyn to ensure your creatures survival the board wipes. Another interesting one is the Harmonious Archon, as it makes all non-archon creatures have a base P/T of 3/3. That means all the opponents' fatties get smaller, but all your weenies get much bigger. Then you add the +/+ bonuses from static abilities and enchantments on top of that and suddenly you have the bigger army!

Not a complex deck to run, which I found has worked real well for teaching players new to Oathbreaker about this awesome format.

Any suggestions that could help tune up this deck while keeping the theme would be much appreciated, thanks!


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