THIS IS MY AGGRO DECK! for those you who are familiar with the world of legacy, I'm sure you've been made aware of how dominant blue control decks have become. This is my answer to the awful crisis that is blue control.

I am looking for a little help with the deck as far as opinions go, changing numbers of certain cards, etc. i used the deck to win a recent tournament at my local magic store, and did it with relative ease against some very good opponents and their very good (blue) decks.

this deck, strong as it may be, is very week to combo decks, degde decks, and unfair decks (reanimator, sneak and show, etc.) so that is where i am looking for some criticism in the deck build

this is an aggro deck, so please do not request Grove of the Burnwillows + Punishing Fire although many do not share my opinion in this matter, i feel the combo is too slow for what i want and easily disrupted.

one last thing, the side board is pretty bias to the metagame of the store i play at, so it may not work for everyone

thank you! and LONG LIVE LEGACY!!!1!!


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