Creeping Corrosion


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged (MBS) Rare
Mirrodin Besieged: Phyrexia (MBP) Rare

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Creeping Corrosion


Destroy all artifacts.

Creeping Corrosion Discussion

ClockworkSwordfish on One Billion(!) Followers on Social Media

1 month ago

If you're intent on staying artifact-free, then you could totally take advantage of effects like Creeping Corrosion , Molder Slug or Seeds of Innocence . It's very rare to see a deck without at least some artifacts kicking around, so they should never be dead cards.

Zephyr_Dreamcrafter on Gargos, Hydra Lord

3 months ago

Thanks for the input austintayshus I'm definitely finding a spot for Calming Verse and Creeping Corrosion The only hitch with the other ones is that I rely fairly heavily on my mana doubling enchantments, so I don't feel like I can really run enchantment wipes. Artifacts on the other hand I don't mind nearly as much so corrosions in. However, I am going to try to fit more E&A removal, probably Force of Vigor because it hits two, as well as casting in emergencies. My decks tend to be really light on removal and try to simply dominate with board presence, I need a little help to rein back a bit. Thanks a lot for the comment, it was very helpful.

austintayshus on Gargos, Hydra Lord

3 months ago

Looks like a fun deck, but I would recommend more artifact and/or enchantment destruction. Since you're light on both, I'd recommend board-wipe effects like Bane of Progress and Calming Verse and Creeping Corrosion and Tranquility .

Optimator on Dig Up Her Bones

3 months ago

Yeah, your list looks great. Seems a little light on interaction but that might be inevitable considering how many dinos you need to run and the ramp spells to support them. Rite of Passage is some sick Enrage tech!! Crush Contraband is a great new card. Glad you included Runic Armasaur --seems awesome. I count twelve ramp and discount cards and that's probably where you want to be! It's a lot but dinos.

I know your slots are tight but here are some cards worth putting in the memory banks/maybeboard.

Duelist's Heritage is half-price since the reprint. Might be worth considering. Double triggers and no equip cost, after all. Small upside of being usable in political ways.

I know it's not cheap but Smothering Tithe is great in this deck. Land Tax obviously too.

True Conviction would be castable for you if you're looking to upgrade later. The lifelink might be great since your strategy is a bit slow to start.

You might want to consider putting Swords to Plowshares and/or another instant-speed removal card for when Polyraptor and Marauding Raptor start to combo because without stopping the chain the game ends in a draw. Being 1 CMC is very attractive since you've likely cast a spell once the chain starts.

Nahiri's Machinations might be a good budget way to use your commander liberally. Also worth noting would be Prowler's Helm and Trailblazer's Boots . Key to the City and Manifold Key too.

Kinjalli's Sunwing seems worthy of consideration. I now you're going for Enrage-tribal but the effect shouldn't be underestimated. Worth putting in the maybeboard IMO.

Colossal Majesty is a good one for this deck (most likely). Don't forget Harmonize

Where it me I'd include one more silver-bullet board wipe, like Planar Cleansing , Cleansing Nova , Austere Command , or Hour of Revelation . If you're worried about your enchantments you could do Hallowed Burial or Descend upon the Sinful .

Since you're running so few artifacts it might be fun to include some hosers like Stony Silence , Creeping Corrosion and Shatterstorm (my favs), or Fracturing Gust . Pulverize is on-flavor! By Force and Vandalblast are good too. There are tons of other great interaction cards but with so few slots and with all your ramp you may as well go for the big ones. Purify is good but you may want to keep your enchantments around. Seeds of Innocence is a funny one. Collector Ouphe is good but it's not a dino and it'll probably get killed by your Enrage stuff. Rampage of the Clans is a fun new one. Slight flavor fail though.

Wear / Tear , Ancient Grudge , Destructive Revelry , Hull Breach , Nature's Claim , Unravel the Aether , Deglamer , Dust to Dust , Return to Dust , and Ray of Distortion are solid in case you need something

walruscustard on Tamiyo, But It's Allies

3 months ago

If you're looking for advice i can tell you a few things:

You aren't running a lot of artifacts (and i think you don't need to) so you can get away with running Austere Command , Cleansing Nova , and Creeping Corrosion to good effect.

Your deck as it stands is also capable of drawing lots of cards with your signature spell so you might want some discard outlets like Grimoire of the Dead and Vivien's Arkbow .

Also also you have three basic lands and uh six nonbasic lands that fetch the basic lands. Maybe just run nine basics. Or cut the primo dual lands unless you really want to show them off,

GizmoXon on Mono Green Stompy

4 months ago

no problem from top to bottom on my list Collector Ouphe : the hardest match ups for this match up are Hardened Scales affinity tron infect and Goryo's Vengeance this cards hits the first two

Damping Sphere : storm, some tron decks, amulet titan, and finally, RU Phoenix

Dismember : when two doesnt cut it against Thing in the Ice  Flip or hallow one decks. you can also use it against Grislebrand to make their math harder

Force of Vigor : this or Creeping Corrosion was tried to contain affinity or hardened scales just testing force of vigor

Guttural Response : it was between this and Autumn's Veil and the defining factor was the tap all ability on Cryptic Command i might change it back though because of control match-ups

Scavenging Ooze :this is a hit all card for me its used in all burn aggro and mid-range deck match ups

Seal of Primordium :eight words Chalice of the Void on one or Worship

Chhris on Vorosh, the Hunter[Infect--CMDR Damage]Budget

4 months ago

I understand you put this list together with cards you already had, and for that effort, it's pretty good so far!! Is this for your friend to play?

There are couple of cards that can be upgraded to better effects, like Murder , Naturalize , and Negate all have better, more powerful options out there available to you. I would focus on improving cards like these with budget alternatives, that still do the job but strictly better. e.g.: Bontu's Last Reckoning , Creeping Corrosion and Disallow respectively, but not necessarily those exact cards.

I actually like Become Immense and Bounty of Might in this deck! but Giant Growth feels weak. Also the tricky thing will be protecting Vorosh from hate, so any other protection spells will be good too. So far I like it!!

Dragonsblood33 on Garruk Stuff

5 months ago

Why would you use Creeping Corrosion as a sig spell? Use and actual board wipe like In Garruk's Wake or Ritual of Soot Its not a good idea to run a wipe that only hits artifacts if not everyone hits artifacts

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Creeping Corrosion occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.0%