Repel the Abominable


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Uncommon

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Repel the Abominable


Prevent all damage that would be dealt this turn by non-Human sources.

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Repel the Abominable Discussion

Saintdale on Angel Token Fog - Dale

3 months ago

Hi xyr0s

Thanks so much for looking over this deck, I really appreciate it. you are a nice person.

To answer your question, If am up against Burn, I throw in Dash Hopes and Repel the Abominable from my sideboard. Those two cards, along with Dawn Charm can all be attached to my Isochron Scepter and they all stop burn damage.

I wish I could afford 1 copy of Leyline of Sanctity lol let alone 4. Maybe one day I will save up enough to buy them. Thank you for showing me Aegis of the Gods that is a card I didn't know about :)

The thing with black discard cards is that they are not instants. playing with Isochron Scepter really incentivizes that I invest in Instants that can become reusable. Having said that ,I do have copies of Duress at home that I can probably side.

Thanks again for your comments, feel free to reply to anything I have said hereKind regards

AngryBadger on Turbo Fog Box

3 months ago

Consider Repel the Abominable in the side against any non-human deck, since it does stop non-combat damage.

Gserrato44 on Seasons' Approach (TurboRock)

4 months ago

wow this deck looks crazy might have to try it myself I also found a couple card this deck that I might use for some of my decks

Like Ethereal Haze and Repel the Abominable and especially Ixalan's Binding I've been looking for a card like that

Rex_JB24 on The Approach gave me a Second Sunburn!

8 months ago

It's nice to see an Approach list that is dedicated control. I doubt you need it with this much removal, but have you considered a white fog such as Repel the Abominable or Encircling Fissure?

FullmetalWes on God-Pharaoh's Gearhulks

9 months ago

This is so original and fun! Well done. I'd recommend Repel the Abominable as a fog effect against aggro and to not take any damage from Madcap Experiment! Plus Abrade will be staple removal in Standard for a while so that can at least be sideboard for ya. Good luck!

Atroxreaper on

9 months ago

Wouldn't Repel the Abominable be better then saving grace?

Atroxreaper on R/W Humans are abrading (3-1 at FNM!)

9 months ago

I run a mono white humans at my FNM someone suggested to me Repel the Abominable gets you around sweltering suns, hour of devastation, can prevent a lethal attack or even just let you attack with always watching out and not care about what creatures they have out to block with.

jubale on The Lone Rider Beats Red Deck Wins

9 months ago

20 land is not greedy but Evolving Wilds is just weaker than your other options. Deck thinning is extremely minimal, and having a tapped land instead of an untapped is not minimal. If you stick to that concept, Desert of the True would be better than Evolving Wilds.

What you want instead is mana sinks so that if you do draw too many lands you can spend that. Shefet Dunes is a better alternative.

Sideboard, I would strongly consider having Repel the Abominable. Leave looks like a fine card for many situations (bounce and recast Thalia's Lieutenant maybe?), but Repel is much more aggressive. Shuts down Sweltering Suns and Hour of Devastation, or makes you completely victorious in combat, or stop you from taking damage from whatever the opponent is doing so you can keep attacking.

Other than that, deck looks fine!

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