Repel the Abominable


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Uncommon

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Repel the Abominable


Prevent all damage that would be dealt this turn by non-Human sources.

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Repel the Abominable Discussion

Casey4321 on What card do you think ...

6 hours ago

OH OH Repel the Abominable FLAVOR TEXT WIN.

majin_shinsa on Crazy Cat Menagerie, HOU update (Standard, Budget)

1 week ago

Plus Saving Grace will protect your creatures but take out all of their citters. Then again Repel the Abominable will stop combat and other sources of damage for the rest of the turn. Also with Grixis becoming popular, Heroic Intervention will help with those Bontu's Last Reckoning

fancysaurus on Crazy Cat Menagerie, HOU update (Standard, Budget)

1 week ago

As majin_shinsa mentioned, Hour of Devastation could be a major problem for this deck if it becomes popular. Saving Grace is one option, but Repel the Abominable could also work!

razelfark on Death by 20 needles

2 weeks ago

Glad you like the suggestions. Just wondering though, why are you using Borrowed Grace in side board? What card are you trying to get around that you use this? I might be able to suggest something that can fill this slot a little better pending on your reason. I imagine this is suppose to help counter sweepers like Sweltering Suns or single target control, but i think it would be more useful to run something like Repel the Abominable for a cheaper spell that will stop all "non-human" damage (this includes spells and abilities) or use something like Alley Evasion or Djeru's Resolve for single target protection. If I am wrong on this assumption then I am truly curious what you have planned for the card.

mrfab13 on Trash Boros

1 month ago

as for Intimidation Bolt, in the situation you have been overrun by creatures, you would be better off Boros Charm the face and cast a fog effect and untap and bolt the face again would be your best chance. for fog cards id look at Kami of False Hope, Holy Day, Ethereal Haze, Angelsong, Dawn Charm or Repel the Abominable. they are all very specific so carefuly read the text when desiding you fog (if you want one at all)

Brownkid09 on Lay of the Land (Retired)

2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion Lordeh. The main reason I am wanting to use Repel the Abominable is because it prevents damage done by all non-human sources. So my train of thought is leading me to believe this card could protect myself and my planeswalkers from burn damage, I.E. Fevered Visions or Fiery Temper. I know its not 100% prevalent considering that burn is almost non-existent in the current meta but unless someone can point out why Haze of Pollen is a better option; apart from it having the ability to cycle for card advantage, I'm all ears. To be honest, I am still unsure as to which of the fog options in current standard are rated from best to worse.

Lordeh on Lay of the Land (Retired)

2 months ago

Haze of Pollen might be a good substitution for Repel the Abominable as it has no restrictions

JBert on Boros Humans

2 months ago

Amonkhet brought a lot of great cards to RW Humans, Honored Crop-Captain being one of them. I've been playing the deck for a few months now and definitely have some suggestions.

4x Always Watching is simply a great anthem with fantastic synergy with Humans that can be exerted.4x Glory-Bound Initiate combos well with Always Watching so that you can swing with a 5/5 Lifelink turn after turn.

Replace Village Messenger  Flip with Town Gossipmonger  Flip, I recently made this switch and it's brought me more success than you may think. Gossipmongers can also be flipped in response to blocks if you have an Always Watching out.

Metallic Mimics don't do well when played on curve, and do a worse job of beefing your board state than Always Watching as they don't provide any bonus to previously played humans with the exception of the Lieutenants.

Devoted Crop-Mate as a 2-of works wonders, bringing back 85% of your creatures and potentially providing a pseudo combat trick if you can bring back a Lieutenant.

As far as removal is concerned, I've found Declaration in Stone to be the best for MOST creatures, as the only naturally hasty threat is Glorybringer. For all others, Repel the Abominable will help you in every matchup except the mirror. Use Fragmentize on vehicles and keep at least 3x Cast Out in the sideboard for Planeswalkers and even Liliana's Mastery

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