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Other combinations of land drops/ tutors, but here’s one example:

Turn 1: Overgrown Tomb, Adventurous Impulse

Turn 2: Forest, Elfhame Druid

Turn 3: Woodland Cemetery, cast Grow from the Ashes kicked. Tutor a Swamp and a Forest, use them to cast a second Elfhame Druid.

Turn 4: Play an untapped land. You now have 6 lands including 3 sources, and 4 mana towards a kicker cost: cast a kicked Josu Vess, Lich Knight.

Removal comes from Cast Down and Territorial Allosaurus. Use Vraska's Contempt ONLY against their biggest threats (Teferi, Ghalta, Bolas, etc)

Adventurous Impulse smooths land drops and helps find Druids early or Josu Vess later. A decent Turn 1 play if you don’t have a Llanowar Elves or are on the play.

Ideas: Steel Leaf Champion and Untamed Kavu gum up the board and can apply pressure. Kavu is usually a 5/5. Caligo Skin-Witch can help against Control decks and are just something else to do with extra kicker mana. Currently moved to Maybeboard but may put 1 in Side for Acquisition against Control. In its place I’m trying Druid of the Cowl as getting to 5 mana for Grow from the Ashes is critical, and helps later with Junior

Ramp is obvious, the best part being Grow from the Ashes. We can kick it easily to thin the deck and find Swamps if needed For Junior Vess. The lands coming in untapped allow an additional mana dork or to hold up mana for Heroic or Push, or bluffing either. Even un-kicked it can help in a pinch early game.

Elfhame Druid is the all-star ramper here, negating most of our low CMC kicker costs, and when 2 are in play it makes it much easier to cast Josu Vess, Lich Knight in the early to mid game.

Llanowar Elves is a terrific card and I’m glad the new iteration is so different from the original art, as I never felt Llanowar Elves appeared Elf-like much, especially when our other elves then looked like Elvish Archer. Nice to have you back boys.

Input needed to help make combo more efficient. Additionally, the Lich Mob is weak to sweepers or board-bounce so some insurance would be nice

Remember that Josu is often a solid play even when not kicked. Against creature decks a 4/5 body for 4 mana is a good way to clog the board, and if the game goes long you can find another Josu to play kicked.

More to come...

Suggestions and upvotes appreciated as always!


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Thanks everyone for checking out the deck and helping get it into the Top 10!


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