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Hey friends, this is Jund... but in Standard! That decklist will be updated with each new set or rotation. I hope U like it!

  • Growth-Chamber Guardian : The idea is to turn this 2/2 into a 4/4 that fetch his 4/4 brother. Is like: "You can deal with this 4/4, but then, there is another 4/4! HAHAHAHA!!"

  • Gruul Spellbreaker : With the riot ability of this creature, we can choose two options: Be aggresive (giving hast), or put a +1/+1 counter on it, making a big 4/4, that is great to attack, but it's also great to defend.

  • Legion Warboss : This creature is an poderous Drop-3, and it it helps us to press the opponent thanks to the bunch of 1/1 that it creates.

  • Questing Beast : Truly, this is one of the bests cards of Throne of Eldraine, and it has the function of big boi. Its aggresive, and vigilance makes it very good attacker. (Instead of that, you can use Doom Whisperer like on the older versions of that Jund.)

  • Murderous Rider : Before Throne of Eldraine That decklist used Bedevil , that its worse because of the cost, and now i replaced it with Murderous Rider , that has a more permissive cost (that is important because qith rotation we loosed duals that can enter untapped), and then we can use it like a 2/3 with lifelink that can be important. Removal + Creature, that it's all that we need.

  • Rankle, Master of Pranks : That guy is very nice, because he can help us to reduce the opponent's resources, and i think that he is comparable to Liliana of the Veil . Note that the when he attacks and we choose the options, rarely we choose the card draw option, because that also gives card advantage to our opponent and that isn't what we want to do in this deck.

  • Robber of the Rich : This is my favorite Throne of Eldraine card (do not cry Garruk), and it has a very nice synergy with Rankle, because with rankle, we reduce the opponent's card resources in exchange of loose our card resources, but with Robber of the Rich we get additional resources, and that synergy helps us to get card advantage. Also Rankle is a Rogue!


  • Vraska, Golgari Queen : She is useful especially by her second ability, that is like a Abrupt Decay that we can use multiple times. Her first hability is so good because can give life and value to us or only we can use it like a reload to use more the Abrupt Decay ability. Normally we will not use the ultimate ability, but it's great.

  • Liliana, Dreadhorde General : Like in modern jund, Liliana is here to help us! She create blockers, serves as removal, and the ultimate is super strong.

  • Garruk, Cursed Huntsman : Garruk is here! Garruk is similar to Liliana, because he create creatures (I love wolfs), destroy creatures. The ultimate is nice, but the only way to grow Garruk is with the Wolves, and the second ability is more useful.

  • Lava Coil : Basically a removal that can exile perilous creatures that active abilities in the graveyard, like the popular Arclight Phoenix

  • Assassin's Trophy : I like it vey much. I play 3, but if there where a lot of aggro decks in the meta I will cut 1 or 2 in exchange of more cheap removals. Because the land that it gives can be very important vs Aggro.

  • Duress : I think that all know the use of one of the more common cards in the sideboards of black decks :D

  • Noxious Grasp : This is a very good sideboard card that I expect that can be very useful in the Eldraine metagame against Ramp decks and some Mono green/Selesnya aggro builds (This is only a metagame prediction).

  • Witch's Vengeance : This is the perfect tribal-hate card in standard (that is important because Mardu Knights is an option in Eldraine Standard), but it can be like a Ritual of Soot . For example if the opponent has Nissa, Who Shakes the World and 5 lands 0/0 with 3 +1/+1 couters, we can kill all the lands.

  • Sorcerous Spyglass : It's very nice against planeswalkers, and also can give us information about what can do our opponent.

  • Embereth Shieldbreaker : Destroy an artifact for only ,is a very nice effect, and also can give us a blocker. This will be useful if there is some artifact-heavy deck in the meta, or some deck that has a very important artifact like Bolas's Citadel .

  • Shifting Ceratops : With dimir control and Simic Flash being an important option in Eldraine meta, our favorite triceratops can be very useful.


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Hello all,

As you already know, this update is very important for the deck because now its time for rotation.

I'm happy to say that Throne of Eldraine is a very nice set, and that now I like more how the deck works.

The plan of the new jund is to empty the resources of our opponent killing the most important thigs that they have, and kill the opponents with our Big Bois: Growth-Chamber Guardian , Gruul Spellbreaker and Doom Whisperer .

Also, one thing that i like of that version is that uses the synergy between two of my favorite cards from Throne of Eldraine to get card advantage: Rankle, Master of Pranks and Robber of the Rich . That is because Rankle empty the hands of all the players, and Robber of the Rich (aka Robin Hood) give us an alternative card advantage.

Also other important additions in the main are Murderous Rider and my friend Garruk, Cursed Huntsman . And in the sideboard the most important additions are Embereth Shieldbreaker , Sorcerous Spyglass (that its a reprint but it was going to rotate) and the Witch's Vengeance .

You like the deck? Any suggestion? What are your favorite cards from Throne of Eldraine? Tell me in the Comments!

TheSimikBOat :D


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