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Who doesn't want a 20/20 indestructible flyer?

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This is a Dark Depths/ Lands deck that pushes out Marit Lage as the win con. Originally B/G, blue has been added to include cantrips and Force of Will.

Intuition is used to find Thespian's Stage + Dark Depths + Life from the Loam which guarantees you have the cards for the combo the next turn.

Life from the Loam makes the Wasteland a constant threat and allows for Marit Lage to repeatedly reenter play if they have removal you can't deal with. Since the other way to trigger Dark Depths is with Vampire Hexmage, Volrath's Stronghold was added to keep her out of the graveyard.

Crop Rotation is the bread and butter to getting set up quickly. Anytime you are short one of the combo lands or need something to answer an opponents threats.

Living Wish tightens up the deck and makes it more consistent by putting the sideboard to use in all games. Sylvan Safekeeper can also be pulled from the sideboard to protect Marit Lage.

Brainstorm and Ponder smooth draws and can be chumped to Force of Will.

Abrupt Decay is guaranteed spot removal and is important to remove graveyard hate or anything that can turn into a threat.

Exploration speeds up gameplay and let's lands recovered by Life from the Loam hit the battlefield immediately.

Essence Harvest allows this deck to win when the opponent has chump blockers that Shizo, Death's Storehouse can't get past or they have damage prevention. This has won me more games than attacking with Marit Lage.

The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale taxes any deck with creatures, slowing them down and easing up on their mana base. Very disruptive with Wasteland and Life from the Loam cycling.

I also have a similar build Reanimator Depths which is B/G and tries to combo faster using Griselbrand. Please let me know what you think of this version and how it plays for you.


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