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You Remember That Censor I Cycled...

Standard Theme/Gimmick WUB (Esper)


This deck is based around cycling and the use of Abandoned Sarcophagus. The main strategy of this deck is to cycle a lot of cards early and play Abandoned Sarcophagus to be able to cast all of them from our graveyard, effectively giving us a larger hand. Shadowstorm Vizier, who has flying and gets +1/+1 everytime we cycle something is a great 2 drop. The other 2 drop, Vile Manifestation gets bigger the more cards we have in the graveyard, which goes well with Abandoned Sarcophagus, and can be cycled if necessary. As we cycle cards, we can then cast Hollow One for a reduced cost or even free depending on how much we cycle, and a 4/4 for free is not too shabby. Archfiend of Ifnir, Curator of Mysteries and Drake Haven are all great payoffs for cycling as the Archfiend allows us to weaken our opponents creatures, the Curator allows us to filter what we are about to draw from cycling, and the Haven allows us to make a bunch of 2/2 fliers. Censor and Countervailing Winds allow us to counter things our opponents are trying to cast and they can both be cycled as well. Nimble Obstructionist allows us to counter any ability of anything our opponent has, the most fun of which is to counter a planeswalkers' ultimate ability. Fatal Push and Yahenni's Expertise allow us to destroy creatures that are a problem for us. Cast Out can remove anything that is pesky for us whether it be an enchantment or an artifact or a creature. Dovin Baan is a great control planeswalker because he weakens one of our opponent's creatures and does not allow their activated abilities to activate, he can draw us a card and gain us some life, and his ultimate ability is basically a win con since untapping only 2 things per turn is pretty difficult to deal with.

The sideboard has Dispossess and Lost Legacy in order to get rid of anything that we have a weak match up against or to get rid of something which will severely weaken our opponents' deck. There is one more card:Vile Manifestations in the sideboard to give the option of adding some more early game blockers. Another Fatal Push is in the sideboard for those decks with a lot of small creatures. Authority of the Consuls is in the sideboard to play against token decks to make them much weaker by gaining us life and making their creatures come in tapped. Solemnity will neutralize any decks with -1/-1 counter or energy. Forsake the Worldly is more artifact and enchantment removal if necessary. Failure / Comply helps stop big spells from being played and stops our opponents from casting them.

I hope you like this deck and I am very open to any feedback or suggestions you have. Thanks for taking the time to look at my deck and don't forget to give it an upvote if you like it! If you like it enough to put it in a folder you should give it an upvote!

If you liked the BU deck better I have it here: Original BU Cycling Deck.

I have archived all comments up to this point to clear up space for more suggestions.


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