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Another main izzet deck of mine with a new approach around the Win-Cons Enigma Drake, Spellheart Chimera.

To make the Deck and the cards clear:

Early/Midgame: 4xYoung Pyromancer (much one drops in this decklist - he adds important blockers)

More Lategame with: 1xRise from the Tides and 1xBedlam Reveler

Fill Graveyard/Draw/adds Power: 2xSteam Augury, 4xThought Scour, 4xManamorphose, (2x Izzet Charm), 1xBedlam Reveler - 11x

More Draw: 2xExpedite, 1xElectrolyze (14xDraw - 2xDrawPossible)

Burn or Removal: 1xMizzium Mortars, 4xLightning Bolt, (2xIzzet Charm), 1xElectrolyze - (6xBurn or Removal - 2xPossible)

Protection: 1xStubborn Denial 2xIzzet Charm 2xNegate - 5xCards

The Mayboard: are fun ideas to add, Serum Visions is a card i consider, but my goal is to make the deck consistent without it.

Questions / Suggestions / Upvotes are very welcome :-) !

The good news: you can make the deck easily budget - just changes lands !


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