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Fast and strong: Kill Turn 2 possible

Modern Aggro Combo Competitive RG (Gruul) Tempo



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Bring strong creatures in turn 1 or 2 is the main idea.

Perfect start hand (for kill in turn 2):before game:

1x Simian Spirit Guide=> to get 1 R in any turn

Turn 1:Sacrifice Simian Spirit Guide

1x Mountain

1x Burning-Tree Emissary

1x Myr Superion

=> 5/6 in turn 1

Turn 2:

1x Forest

1x Might of Old Krosa

1x Assault Strobe

=> 9 /10 with double strike + 2/2 = kill in turn 2!

Okay this is hard to draw, but possible :)

So the main Combos are:

Burning-Tree Emissary + Myr Superion or Generator Servant + Myr Superion

Assault Strobe + Might of Old Krosa + Myr Superion

Burning-Tree Emissary + Talara's Battalion or

Manamorphose + Talara's Battalion

Isochron Scepter + Temur Battle Rage

Isochron Scepter + Manamorphose

also nice:draw Revenge of the Hunted and play as Miracle:

Assault Strobe + Myr Superion + Revenge of the Hunted => 11/12 mit Double Strike and block all! Even if you lose it by this move, there will be no creature left on opponent side.

I played against my deck and I can confirm: having this as an opponents deck is not nice. You just try to see the water edge from ontop ;)

I need some suggestion on the sideboard or replacements:

e.g. Leyline of Lifeforce in side? to secure combos

Leyline of Sanctity in side? to secure me

Suture Priest instead of Soul Warden?

Tower Above to switch steategy to infect?

Phytoburst instead of Groundswell ? = slower but more robust?

Feed the Clan for more 10 life after having Myr Superion or Talara's Battalion

Please provide me some feedback.Thanks alot for reading and hopefully voting and commenting.... ;)




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