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Crazy spellcasting, featuring flying creatures

Standard Budget Casual Control U/R (Izzet)




Just some interesting synergy with flying creatures. Enigma Drake is so good in a control deck, so does Riddleform. Combine with Favorable Winds, it's very effective. As you play control, Siren Stormtamer is great to protect the few creatures you have AND is also flying.

Cryptic Serpent. THIS is the answer to Carnage Tyrant, a problem a faced a couple time at my LGS. Has enough Attack to block and kill it. I usually take Favorable Winds to include it, cause you need instant/sorcery, not enchantment, plus both doesn't synergize well together. Also, Vizier of Many Faces can copy him.. always a surprise for them.

Chandra's Defeat against red. If they play Glorybringer, Vizier of Many Faces can also be very good.

Glyph Keeper and Negate are good against control decks, as well as Vizier of Many Faces.

I need to test it more after the couple changes I made. Maybe I would play Vizier of Many Faces in main board. Seems like a great card!

Admiral's Order can also be good, but I'm not sure if it will cost often enough in that deck.

Feel free to make suggestion, feedback and/or (+1). Thx


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