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Jund Midrange




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Trying out a Jund Midrange.

I had a very pleasant experience with Tireless Tracker and Sin prodder and would really like to try them out in standard. Let me know what you think.

------Battle Report---------

----Saturday 04/09/2016----

-----Baltimore Open------

After playing this past weekend at the Baltimore Open I found that my deck was lacking in a certain area. The deck ran better than I had hoped. Results were:

Round 1: Loss - 1-2 - B/W Eldrazi

Round 2: Win - 2-0 - B/W Control

Round 3: Win - 2-1 - G/R Ramp

Round 4: Win - 2-1 - B/W Control

Round 5: Loss - 1-2 - B/R Reanimator

Round 6: Loss - 1-2 - Mono Red Eldrazi


Things I liked:The Gitrog Monster: Fell in love with this card. Every time it hit the battlefield and stuck for a turn or 2 it did work. I mean like I ran away with the game. That card draw and extra land per turn makes a difference! (Specially when you have Drownyard Temple)Tireless Tracker: This guy was amazing as well. Did not have the same impact as The Gitrog Monster but when you get him out early and hit a few land drops and save those clues for later it made a difference when digging for answers. Sylvan Advocate : Champion all around. good early game and late game.

Things I didn't really like:Dragonlord Atarka: It felt like it was always a turn too late in this deck. there is no ramp so its turn 7 or later that it will make an appearance and that felt way too late. The times I could cast it, I was already in a winning position and was not needed.

Things I liked but need to change:Sin Prodder Card was amazing. felt great when it stuck for more than a turn but I don't feel it made as big of an impact as I wanted. It isn't what you want in a deck that is running a high land count. I feel it needs to be a card that is at the top of the curve in a deck that is running probably 21 lands.

04/11/2016: I made some changes to the deck to be a little more like my friends list. He did a lot better than me in the Baltimore open. I want to try his version to see how much of a difference it is to have Painful Truths over Read the Bones and increasing planeswalker/spell count.He also ran a few board wipes mainboard which I found interesting. So lets see how this handles!!!

If you like the list please give a +1 vote! Thanks.


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