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Scab-Clan Charger

Scab-Clan Charger

Creature — Centaur Warrior

Bloodrush — 1G, Discard Scab-Clan Charger: Target attacking creature gets +2/+4 until end of turn.

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Scab-Clan Charger Discussion

acousticcancer on New to MTG: Just bought ...

1 month ago

I love making decks with a limited pool of cards, challenge accepted! Here's what I came up with:

1x Rumbling Baloth 1x Kalonian Tusker 1x Slaughterhorn 2x Marauding Maulhorn 1x Ghor-Clan Rampager 1x Tenement Crasher 1x Advocate of the Beast

2x Riot Piker 1x Goblin Shortcutter 1x Firefist Striker 1x Predatory Sliver 1x Skarrg Guildmage 1x Deadly Recluse 1x Rubblebelt Raiders 1x Nessian Courser 2x Briarpack Alpha

2x Elvish Mystic 1x Voyaging Satyr 1x Zhur-Taa Swine 1x Ruination Wurm 1x Nemesis of Mortals

2x Shock 1x Giant Growth 1x Pit Fight 1x Coordinated Assault 1x Annihilating Fire 1x Flames of the Firebrand 1x Mugging 1x Hunt the Weak 1x Chandra's Outrage 1x Madcap Skills 1x Gruul War Chant 1x Trollhide

22 Mountain & Forest


1x Aerial Predation 1x Druid's Deliverance 1x Fade into Antiquity 1x Towering Thunderfist 1x Viashino Racketeer 1x Brindle Boar 1x Traveler's Amulet 1x Sliver Construct 1x Dimir Keyrune 1x Howl of the Night Pack 1x Act of Treason 1x Axebane Stag 1x Slime Molding 2x Scab-Clan Charger

I split the creatures into three strategic groups, the first is beast and advocate of the beast to pump them up, the second is cheap creatures and rubblebelt raider to get a boost off of them, the last is just your mana ramp creatures and big creatures. I built a sideboard too, but not everything in there is useful, its some utility, some pumps, more creatures and more ramp. Anyway have fun playing magic and hope this helps.

Vintage on New to MTG: Just bought ...

1 month ago

MTG Deck Builders Toolkit:


CREATURES:Suntail Hawk Serra Angel Griffin Sentinel Angelic Wall Sunspire Griffin x2Capashen Knight Dawnstrike Paladin Assault Griffin x2Master of Diversion x2Seller of Songbirds x2Concordia Pegasus Daring Skyjek Nav Squad Commandos Auramancer Yoked Ox Leonin Snarecaster

INSTANT:Avenging Arrow Fortify x2Trostani's Judgment Eyes in the Skies Show of Valor Brave the Elements Divine Verdict

ARTIFACT:Rod of Ruin

ENCHANTMENT:Blessing Pacifism x2Guildscorn Ward Murder Investigation

SORCERYHive Stirrings Righteous Charge Angelic Edict


CREATURES:Guttersnipe Riot Piker x2Tenement Crasher Dragon Hatchling Blur Sliver Viashino Racketeer Pitchburn Devils Regathan Firecat Goblin Shortcutter Marauding Maulhorn x2Firefist Striker Towering Thunderfist Cinder Elemental

INSTANT:Annihilating Fire Chandra's Outrage Shock x2Coordinated Assault


SORCERY:Flames of the Firebrand Seismic Stomp x2Act of Treason Mugging Structural Collapse


CREATURES:Nemesis of Mortals Voyaging Satyr Briarpack Alpha x2Axebane Stag Rumbling Baloth Sporemound Brindle Boar Deadly Recluse Elvish Mystic x2Kraul Warrior x2Predatory Sliver Centaur's Herald x2Kalonian Tusker Advocate of the Beast Slaughterhorn Scab-Clan Charger x2Ivy Lane Denizen x2Groundshaker Sliver Nessian Courser

INSTANT:Druid's Deliverance Aerial Predation Giant Growth


SORCERY:Howl of the Night Pack Fade into Antiquity Slime Molding Hunt the Weak

BLUE:CREATURES:Skyline Predator Doorkeeper Seacoast Drake Messenger Drake Stealer of Secrets Voidwielder Wind Drake Archeomancer x2Warden of Evos Isle Air Servant Tower Drake Frilled Oculus Merfolk Spy Nephalia Seakite Clone Meletis Charlatan

INSTANT:Opportunity Disperse Cancel Frost Breath x3Triton Tactics

ENCHANTMENT:Aqueous Form Paralyzing Grasp

SORCERY:Time Ebb Stolen Identity Hands of Binding Divination Tome Scour

BLACK:CREATURES:Minotaur Abomination Drainpipe Vermin Deathgaze Cockatrice Corpse Hauler Accursed Spirit Nightwing Shade Child of Night Festering Newt Shadow Alley Denizen Balustrade Spy Disciple of Phenax

INSTANT:Wring Flesh Doom Blade


SORCERY:Corrupt Liturgy of Blood x2Duress Mind Rot Read the Bones

MIXED COLORS:RED/GREEN:CREATURES:Zhur-Taa Swine Ruination Wurm Rubblebelt Raiders Skarrg Guildmage Ghor-Clan Rampager

ENCHANTMENT:Gruul War Chant Pit Fight

RED/WHITE:CREATURES:Sunhome Guildmage x2Skyknight Legionnaire Wojek Halberdiers Viashino Firstblade Truefire Paladin

INSTANT:Boros Charm Shattering Blow x2

GREEN/WHITE:Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage Trostani's Summoner

SORCERY:Call of the Conclave Coursers' Accord



WHITE/BLUE:CREATURES:Lyev Skyknight Jelenn Sphinx

ARTIFACT CREATURES:Dimir Keyrune Traveler's Amulet Sliver Construct

lowbatteries68 on Pump gruul

3 months ago

You have to start somewhere, right? Anyways, I'd say that the Scab-Clan Charger is replaceable. I'd add 4 Elvish Mystic or 4 Zhur-Taa Druid . Scavenging Ooze also has great synergy with a blood rush deck. I'm not sure on your price, but if you have the cash to spend, I'd definitely put at least 3 of him in there. Clan Defiance is good, but I'd rather have Mizzium Mortars . I also feel like you aren't generating enough man to make both Hydras viable threats. Doomblade, Hero's Downfall , Abrupt Decay , etc. can all be used to wipe them out. I would look for something a little easier on the mana that can still pack-a-punch. I would say drop one of the two and replace it with something like Stormbreath Dragon . Try those changes and if they don't work, you can always go back to this and try something new. Best of luck with the deck.

Oh, also, you want to keep in mind that blood rushing works best when used to take out a card they block with. for instance: Blood rush your Legion Loyalist with Zhur-Taa Swine after they block it with their "generic 3/3 creature here" to not only waste their creature, but keep yours. This works especially well if they all get trample from Battalion.

MindAblaze! on Gruul Amazons of the Alara Forest

4 months ago

Branching Bolt over Feral Invocation and Ghor-Clan Rampager trumps both those two other cards you listed, including Colossal Might . I think the trample from those two put them head and shoulders over Scab-Clan Charger

DimirZer00 on Gruul Amazons of the Alara Forest

4 months ago

MindAblaze! I have to say I like Branching Bolt , Colossal Might , and Rip-Clan Crasher too. The issue I face with Colossal Might is card VS card and room in the deck. I have a Feral Invocation am thinking about. So, the card battle going in my head looks like this Branching Bolt , VS Feral Invocation , VS Scab-Clan Charger VS Colossal Might .In the end it will be a Tough call.

MyRevival on 2013-08-01 update of The most ...

8 months ago

I think I'm going to build a second deck as a Golgari self mill. Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord , Varolz, the Scar-Striped , Unburial Rites , Rot Farm Skeleton , Grisly Salvage , Wasteland Viper , Slaughterhorn , Scab-Clan Charger ... Yup. I'm going to need another deck to fit all this awesome in!

SupremeAlliesCommander on DGM Draft Debate - Pack ...

11 months ago

So, it's going to be a while before KC has another pack for us. And, early tallies suggest another spy will be joining the team without too much discussion. But I like a good debate. This edition of DDD has been a pleasantly lively one.

I say we fuss about something else. Yes, I'm an instigator.

I believe our next pack will be the same pack we started with. For those of you too lazy to clock on the link, that pack was the one where we took Guardian of the Gateless . Last time we saw it, it contained the following.

Skarrg Goliath

Ordruun Veteran

Sapphire Drake

Guardian of the Gateless

Scab-Clan Charger

Corpse Blockade

Balustrade Spy

Contaminated Ground

Keymaster Rogue

Riot Gear

Leyline Phantom

Shattering Blow

Gutter Skulk

Wildwood Rebirth


Here's the debate. Name 4 of the cards that will come back around to us.

bhrusson0 on Simicimir Alliance

11 months ago

17 lands is what you should usually be doing in a 40 card deck, 18 if you have a heavy ish curve and 19 if it's real late game ish or control ish. Yours would have been perfect at 17 which could have let you fit in a few more dudes like Scab-Clan Charger and your Simic Keyrune . Normally I'd be in favor of you using Fathom Mage , but you're so creature light it makes me more hesitant. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.13 $0.63 $0.25
Power / Toughness 2/4
Color(s) G
Cost 3G
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 8.27
Avg. cube pick 5.63


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common