Scab-Clan Charger

Scab-Clan Charger


Creature — Centaur Warrior

Bloodrush 1G, Discard Scab-Clan Charger: Target attacking creature gets +2/+4 until end of turn.

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Scab-Clan Charger Discussion

MARPJ on Selesnya Centaurs

11 months ago

+4 Courser of Kruphix (it is a must have)

You need +2x Lagonna-Band Trailblazer cuz it is amazing, some Banishing Light to control

And ,make good use of your vigilance centaurs, Witches' Eye to give you information and Setessan Tactics to active Trailblazer's heroic and destroy some nasty enemies are what I recommend

Also, -4x Scab-Clan Charger

cogumerlim on G/W Centaurs

1 year ago

Just my two cents: I was playing Scab-Clan Charger , but he never made much difference. Although he has versatility, he's more a defensive guy than an offensive one - in his place, you could just play Selesnya Charm and have the same versatility.

If you're going the counters route, I'd suggest playing Reap What Is Sown , both alone or alongside Common Bond , as they behave differently (but Reap gives you three counters instead of two). But in any case, with counters, you really should play Chronicler of Heroes . He's just the same as Centaur Healer but, in this case, he draws you cards. And he works really well with Experiment One , so maybe that's one way.

Another good card I intend to test is Nylea's Disciple , as all of our creatures are green. Gaining life sometimes is good to stabilize.

I'd drop the Coursers' Accord , because they're too slow (Fated Intervention is MUCH better), the Nessian Courser , because you can get much more valuable centaurs at that same cmc (such as the Chronicler), and the Pheres-Band Centaurs . If they had reach, they'd be one thing. But they don't, so they're another thing...

Those're my comments. If you wanna check my deck out, this is the link: Selesnya Centaurs JOU.

Best of luck!

cogumerlim on Selesnya Centaurs JOU

1 year ago

Thanks for your comments, guys. Pheres-Band Tromper really is a much better addition than Scab-Clan Charger . I would really like to run some Celestial Flare mainboard to deal with hexproof decks (which might be strong now and I even have one of my own hehe: Selesnya Hexproof JOU), as well as some Unflinching Courage or Gift of Orzhova (and I really think the latter is better because I capacitate one of my creatures to fight Stormbreath Dragon head-on), and also Ajani, Caller of the Pride and/or Ajani, Mentor of Heroes but, frankly, I don't know what to take out. I even tried another build using Experiment One and Chronicler of Heroes to speed things up, but I think this format is the most efficient.

Maybe what I could do is change the two Pheres-Band Tromper I just put in the Charger's place by two Celestial Flare . And/or take out two Selesnya Charm and put two Gift of Orzhova . What do you think?

NicolBolasFTW on Selesnya Centaurs JOU

1 year ago

nice job! I'd consider Pheres-Band Tromper , who gets really big, pretty fast, instead of Scab-Clan Charger , a +2/+4 boost won't do you much good.

+1 to you!

Arorsthrar on Selesnya Centaurs JOU

1 year ago

Fated Intervention and Nylea's Disciple are important cards you're missing. Scab-Clan Charger can go IMO. I'd also run more removal package, such as Reprisal , and Celestial Flare .

I also think you should use some other Selesnya Staples, such as Voice of Resurgence , Advent of the Wurm , and a one drop like Experiment One just do have a better curve.

The new Ajani could be good for this deck as well.

+1 for a centaur deck and let us know how you do at FNM!

cogumerlim on

1 year ago

I have a Centaur deck too! Check it out: Selesnya Centaurs JOU.

I don't use the heroic theme, as I think heroic centaurs are just to expensive mana-wise, but the centaurs are there, and lots of other good cards! I'd like to have your comments! :)

I prefer to use Hall of Triumph instead of Door of Destinies because: 1) it's cheaper; and 2) all my creatures are green (or G/W). And I also use Spear of Heliod to help with removal and pumping my creatures. So the idea is to have cost-efficient centaurs with good utility (like Centaur Healer and Scab-Clan Charger ) and good pumps, in the form of Pheres-Band Warchief , Spear of Heliod and Hall of Triumph . It is very fun to play with. :)

+1 for your deck, for the idea. Leave your comments on mine!

Best of luck! :)

Draculigula on Need help on a R/G ...

1 year ago

Hey everyone. Ever since I started collecting Dragon's Maze and Gatecrash decks, and most recently the Gruul Wilding set, I've had a fascination with creating a perfect Gruul deck. Particularily the cards that allow more mana for easily summoning larger creatures, amping up atk and def, as well as spells that can greatly destroy life force, creatures, artifacts, etc.

There's just one problem. I suck at deck building. So I need some help for making a great R/G Gruul deck that can fulfill my desires for more mana and creature summons.

Here is a list below of all Gruul based cards, as well as other cards I have collected over time.

Hey guys. Recently I've been favouring the strong Red/Green combo decks based around the Dragon's Maze and Gatecrash series. But after collecting a large number of cards I'm trying to figure out how to make a better deck than the one I have right now.

I have a list of the cards in my posession here:


1x Pathrazer of Ulamog

2x Giant Adephage

3x Ruric Thar, the Unbowed

2x Acidic Slime

1x Garruk's Packleader

2x Zhur-Taa Ancient

1x Wolfir Silverheart

1x Xenagos, God of Revels

4x Wild Beastmaster

3x Borderland Ranger

3x Skarrg Guildmage

2x Burning-Tree Emissary

4x Elvish Mystic

1x Yeva, Nature's Herald

1x Wrecking Ogre

2x Gruul Ragebeast

1x Polis Crusher

2x Battering Wurm

1x Deadbridge Goliath

2x Sparkmage Apprentice

3x Dryad Sophisticate

2x Skarrgan Skybreaker

2x Bramble Elemental

2x Dowsing Shaman

1x Gruul Nodorog

1x Sylvan Primordial

1x Foundry Street Denizen

2x Disciple of the Old Ways

4x Viashino Shanktail

2x Feral Animist

4x Ghor-Clan Rampager

3x Zhur-Taa Druid

2x Cobblebrute

2x Kraul Warrior

4x Ruination Wurm

2x Ripscale Predator

2x Centaur Courser

3x Rubblebelt Maaka

3x Zhur-Taa Swine

1x Duskdale Wurm

2x Fire Elemental

1x Skinbrand Goblin

1x Scab-Clan Charger

1x Rubblehulk

4x Arbor Elf

4x Slaughterhorn

1x Primal Huntbeast

2x Saruli Gatekeepers

2x Kalonian Tusker

1x Streetbreaker Wurm

1x Borborygmos

1x Rubblebelt Raiders

2x Rust Scarab

1x Indentured Oaf

1x Burning-Tree Bloodscale

2x Gruul Scrapper

2x Bloodscale Prowler

1x Scab-Clan Mauler

2x Gatherer of Graces

2x Dryad Militant

1x Skarrg Goliath

1x Wild Cantor

1x Scorched Rusalka


2x Gruul Keyrune

2x Gruul Cluestone


1x Frenzied Tiling

2x Armed & Dangerous

1x Ranger's Path

2x Enlarge

1x Bramblecrush

1x Cerebral Eruption

1x Fade into Antiquity

4x Farseek

4x Ground Assault

1x Mizzium Mortars

1x Commune with the Gods

1x Wreak Havoc

1x Clan Defiance


2x Pit Fight

2x Naturalize

1x Signal the Clans

3x Gruul Charm

1x Savage Summoning

2x Volcanic Geyser

1x Destructive Revelry

2x Predator's Rapport

3x Shock

2x Annihilating Fire

1x Wildsize

3x Skullcrack


4x Verdant Haven

1x Messenger's Speed

2x Fists of Ironwood

1x Nylea's Presence

3x Fencer's Magemark

3x Beastmaster's Magemark

2x Gruul War Chant

1x Alpha Authority

1x Wurmweaver Coil


1x Stomping Ground

1x Rootbound Crag

1x Skarrg, the Rage Pits

1x Rogue's Passage

4x Gruul Guildgate

1x Kazandu Refuge

12x Forest (I have countless of these from collecting)

12x Mountain (Same as Forest)

MINTberry on Golgari Graveyard

1 year ago

Run cards with Blood rush ability. Cards like Scab-Clan Charger can help assure you take out something on the field while filling your graveyard at the same time. it acts as a pump spell while filling your graveyard

Power / Toughness 2/4
Color(s) Green
Cost 3G
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 7.51
Avg. cube pick 5.65


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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