Scab-Clan Charger

Scab-Clan Charger

Creature — Centaur Warrior

Bloodrush 1G, Discard Scab-Clan Charger: Target attacking creature gets +2/+4 until end of turn.
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Scab-Clan Charger Discussion

Trigin on The Road (more or less) Trampled

1 month ago

With the way your deck is looking, a few of the instants and creatures seem a little unnecessary. Siege Rhino, Returned Centaur, and Scab-Clan Charger are three effective creatures, but are probably the first three creatures I would drop from the deck.

From your instants, Autumn's Veil doesn't really have a place, although I can see why you would want it. Doom Blade is not so great as your lone source of spot removal. I would either cut it, or cut other things to add more removal. In your case, cutting it might simpler.

Your enchantments is probably where a bulk of your cuts will come from, which will be hard because you a pretty good selection going. Parallel Lives is the first choice, since you don't have a lot of token generation. Prismatic Omen seems nice, but in your opening hand, why wouldn't you have enough land to not care about the enchantment's effect? And in the late game, it's a straight up dead draw. Debtor's Pulpit is way too costly for a not so amazing effect. Consider replacing Primal Rage with Nylea, God of the Hunt. Same effect, slightly higher cost, and not at all a dead draw in the late game.

In my honest opinion, the life gain theme you have going is worth cutting, namely Lagonna-Band Elder and Sunbond. Armadillo Cloak is fine since it gives you trample, but Celestial Mantle is kinda costly in a format where no matter how much life you have, 21 damage could kill you.

Lastly, since you're going with the counters and graveyard matters theme, why not throw in an Anafenza, the Foremost? She hoses their graveyards and gives you counters. Evolutionary Leap might also be worth looking into. The deck is looking good, and I'm looking forward to seeing the completed version.

Umbravocare on Selesnya's Fanboy

3 months ago

To preface, these are just my thoughts and you don't need to listen to them. I will also try to keep budget in mind with recommended cards.

Cards that don't do very much when they enter the battlefield and then aren't very relevant creatures afterwards aren't very strong in EDH usually. I would cut Arashin Cleric, Centaur Healer, Nylea's Disciple, and Font of Vigor. They are on theme to gain life, but just aren't good enough most of the time. Pride Guardian will also usually only get to use its effect once because of the size of creatures in EDH, so I would cut it as well.

You also have a bit of a theme with heroic. I'm not sure that there are enough targeted spells for it to be as reliable as you would like, and some of the targeted spells you do have are a little lackluster. There are also some creatures that are not very strong on there own and rely on other spells to help them. I would cut Elite Skirmisher, Scab-Clan Charger, Mending Touch, Fencing Ace, and Loyal Pegasus.

With my previous suggestions of cuts, Pheres-Band Warchief is no longer a very relevant card because of the other centaurs being cut. It would be possible to make him usable with some additions, but otherwise he probably isn't worth it anymore. There are also more efficient mana producers than Golden Hind.

Shredding Winds is the only other card that I don't think is good enough, there are better answers to flying and I will try to make some suggestions for that. Unfortunately, Sylvan Primordial is banned in EDH or else I wouldn't recommend you cut him. As it is though, he needs to be replaced.

On to the cards that would be nice improvements for your deck. I see themes of Token Generation, Life Gain, +1/+1 Counters, and to a lesser extent Heroic. Cathars' Crusade is excellent for both the token strategy and the +1/+1 counter strategy and can get out of hand pretty quickly. Champion of Lambholt works with counters and will make your tokens unblockable. Mycoloth and Hooded Hydra both cost a little bit but are also on theme with both counters and tokens. Ageless Entity works well for life gain and +1/+1 counters. Cradle of Vitality works well for tokens and life gain. Storm Herd will win the game for you if it isn't answered. A few cards that would fit the token theme are Bestial Menace, Geist-Honored Monk, Captain of the Watch, Trostani's Summoner, Martial Coup, and Hour of Reckoning. Well of Lost Dreams and Serra Avatar are both really good with life gain. Tuskguard Captain is on theme for +1/+1 counters and goes along with your other outlast guys. Finally you could probably use some more ramp cards, seeing as you are in green. Gatecreeper Vine and Sakura-Tribe Elder are good examples of cards that would be good for this, they get lands out of your deck and also gain you life from Trostani. I said I would try to give some answers to flying, and green mainly does that with bugs which I know you don't want. Spidersilk Armor might not be too much for you? I'm not sure, but with white you have access to some angels and spirits. Archangel of Thune is probably more than you want to spend on one card right now, but it would be good in your deck. Luminarch Ascension falls into a similar category. For some more easily obtainable answers, Spectral Procession and Triplicate Spirits would work pretty well.

There are obviously a lot more cards that could be good, and there are some cards that I would probably not have included personally but could have some potential. Playing with the deck will let you learn what cards are useful for you and which ones just feel underwhelming when you get them. Hope this helps a bit, let me know if you want any more help!

MARPJ on Selesnya Centaurs

1 year ago

+4 Courser of Kruphix (it is a must have)

You need +2x Lagonna-Band Trailblazer cuz it is amazing, some Banishing Light to control

And ,make good use of your vigilance centaurs, Witches' Eye to give you information and Setessan Tactics to active Trailblazer's heroic and destroy some nasty enemies are what I recommend

Also, -4x Scab-Clan Charger

cogumerlim on G/W Centaurs

1 year ago

Just my two cents: I was playing Scab-Clan Charger , but he never made much difference. Although he has versatility, he's more a defensive guy than an offensive one - in his place, you could just play Selesnya Charm and have the same versatility.

If you're going the counters route, I'd suggest playing Reap What Is Sown , both alone or alongside Common Bond , as they behave differently (but Reap gives you three counters instead of two). But in any case, with counters, you really should play Chronicler of Heroes . He's just the same as Centaur Healer but, in this case, he draws you cards. And he works really well with Experiment One , so maybe that's one way.

Another good card I intend to test is Nylea's Disciple , as all of our creatures are green. Gaining life sometimes is good to stabilize.

I'd drop the Coursers' Accord , because they're too slow (Fated Intervention is MUCH better), the Nessian Courser , because you can get much more valuable centaurs at that same cmc (such as the Chronicler), and the Pheres-Band Centaurs . If they had reach, they'd be one thing. But they don't, so they're another thing...

Those're my comments. If you wanna check my deck out, this is the link: Selesnya Centaurs JOU.

Best of luck!

cogumerlim on Selesnya Centaurs JOU

1 year ago

Thanks for your comments, guys. Pheres-Band Tromper really is a much better addition than Scab-Clan Charger . I would really like to run some Celestial Flare mainboard to deal with hexproof decks (which might be strong now and I even have one of my own hehe: Selesnya Hexproof JOU), as well as some Unflinching Courage or Gift of Orzhova (and I really think the latter is better because I capacitate one of my creatures to fight Stormbreath Dragon head-on), and also Ajani, Caller of the Pride and/or Ajani, Mentor of Heroes but, frankly, I don't know what to take out. I even tried another build using Experiment One and Chronicler of Heroes to speed things up, but I think this format is the most efficient.

Maybe what I could do is change the two Pheres-Band Tromper I just put in the Charger's place by two Celestial Flare . And/or take out two Selesnya Charm and put two Gift of Orzhova . What do you think?

NicolBolasFTW on Selesnya Centaurs JOU

1 year ago

nice job! I'd consider Pheres-Band Tromper , who gets really big, pretty fast, instead of Scab-Clan Charger , a +2/+4 boost won't do you much good.

+1 to you!

Arorsthrar on Selesnya Centaurs JOU

1 year ago

Fated Intervention and Nylea's Disciple are important cards you're missing. Scab-Clan Charger can go IMO. I'd also run more removal package, such as Reprisal , and Celestial Flare .

I also think you should use some other Selesnya Staples, such as Voice of Resurgence , Advent of the Wurm , and a one drop like Experiment One just do have a better curve.

The new Ajani could be good for this deck as well.

+1 for a centaur deck and let us know how you do at FNM!

Power / Toughness 2/4
Color(s) Green
Cost 3G
Converted cost 4


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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