Deck name formerly Battle Cows

Minotaur Tribal EDH deck, goal is to pump up the Minotaur's (think sliver's light) and swing hard.

After taking a long break from Magic and selling off my collection, I have decided to create a EDH tribal Minotaur deck. Any advice would be helpful.

Some working combos or featured cards in the deck are -

Conspiracy + Didgeridoo - using this and naming Minotaur's is going to be the obvious choice especially now you can flash in a Akroma, Angel of Fury for only 3.

Sunbird's Invocation + Possibility Storm - being able to cast a card from hand than search your deck by x and play a card up to x cost from the cmc of the card you played from hand is really nice.

Neheb, the Eternal + Aggravated Assault if setup right you could theoretically go into a infinite attack phase on your turn. Pair with War Cadence and make them pay extra to block. However this would require timing since it relies on two permanents to be on the board and either one can quickly be removed.

Ragemonger - getting this out early is a must since you can drop Neheb, the Worthy for just 1 mana.

Archfiend of Ifnir + Neheb, the Worthy - if Neheb can go though and hit a player, placing a -1/-1 on creatures you don't control is helpful.


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