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I am a Boros guy.

I'm not as active on this site as I was a few years ago because my personal and professional lives have gotten quite busy. I'm still very interested in Magic: The Gathering, even though I have less free time (though I don't approve of many of WotC's recent business decisions). I primarily play Limited, both booster draft and sealed (these also tend to be the only types of competitive events I play in). In addition, I do play some casual Commander along with spurts of Standard. I am still somewhat involved in Modern but seldom have time for it. Feel free to post here and I'll do what I can to trade, chat, deck tech, or whatever.

For reference, all of the decks I currently have physically constructed for any format, and am actively playing (or working on/constructing), will appear on my profile page. All other decks I have played and subsequently retired can be found by viewing my Deck Folders.

Other Stuff About Me

As a collector, I place an absolute premium on card condition (more on this on my binder page). I almost always refuse to own or play cards that are in less than Near Mint/Mint condition. Please bear this in mind when trading or selling with me.

As a member of the T/O community, I like to browse deck lists to expand my knowledge of the game. Often, I won't feel qualified to offer advice on a list (usually due to a lack of familiarity with the format or deck archetype), but I will upvote and comment on it if I think it's cool. I do my best to avoid negativity and conflict on the site's forums. However, I occasionally participate in a wide range of discussions.

Feel free to stop by, even if it's just to say hello.

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@ Annexus:

Thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the explanation!

In regards to your comments on rituals, it was my own choice not to play them in here. I was testing my list a bit against some of my other decks, piloting both and making the most optimum plays for each. The likes of Seething Song, Desperate Ritual, etc. really pushed things over the top and allowed for very consistent Storm plays on turns 4-6, which, in my admittedly subjective view, was about 1.5 to 2 turns too fast for a "75%" list to be going off. In my view, a 75% tuned Storm deck should be able to go off on Turn 5 off of its very best draw, but more typically go off Turns 7-9. I know that's a pretty subjective metric but it was my best estimate based on my own play experiences in my group's "75%" meta. I found in my testing that the rituals allowed me to push through interaction and provide enough mana to hit the few tutorable, big spells (such as the overloaded Mizzix's Mastery) with far more speed and consistency. So in answer to your question, I'd say yes, rituals certainly make the list stronger, to the extent that I preemptively chose not to include them during deck construction in order to keep with the "fair"/"75%" approach. In their place, I decided to play a few extra cantrips, some "spells matter" creatures (I believe I slotted in Thing in the Ice  Flip and Spellseeker, actually), and an extra counterspell (I think I chose Daze). Essentially, I slotted the rituals out in favor of some more interactable cards that were still strong, but a bit slower. The upside is that while they are slower than the rituals, they do act to stabilize the deck a bit and reduce variance. So, they're not strictly speaking worse. But they certainly are worse choices than the rituals, coming from a strict "building the best UR Storm deck" standpoint.

With regard to Mind's Desire, I really love the card and I wrestled with including it for quite some time. However, it's not quite as essential in this particular build, as it tends to shine best when you have "big mana" spells that it can find, instead of a bunch of cantrips (chaining a bunch of these can still be very powerful, though). It's also at its best when played very early, and this necessitates the use of rituals and cEDH mana rocks like Mana Crypt, etc., which I want to stay away from. Overall, in this particular deck, while it's still a very good card, it's not quite the sort of payoff card that I saw as best in a cantrip-centric deck. I chose to run the Aetherflux Reservoir type cards as payoffs instead. But the jury's far from out on Mind's Desire. It can still lead to some insane Storm plays in this list and I'm still wrestling with it. What are your thoughts on this card?

August 12, 2018 7:10 p.m.

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@ Annexus:

Thanks for checking out the deck list. I'll try to answer your questions as thoroughly as I can.

The reason I built the deck is that I've always liked Storm as a mechanic. It forces the deckbuilder to solve the puzzle of "going off" before gameplay, so it's got this kind of solitaire-like quality to it that allows you to play Magic without needing an opponent. I also like to play Storm, too, though. Problem is, most opponents seem to dislike playing against it, because it has a reputation for being too fast and consistent to interact with. Plus, the winning turns can take quite a while to execute. So I decided to drop the power level of this deck list. I wanted something that used Storm, a mechanic I enjoy, that members of my playgroup would be willing to play against. Furthermore, I wanted my deck to be interactive enough so that my friends/opponents would actually enjoy playing against it and have a fair chance to beat it. Finally, since the Storm aspect of the deck was toned down, I wanted the deck to have other lines of play and viable ways to win that didn't rely entirely on Storm. Hence the "Spellslinger" aka typical "Izzet spells" sub-theme built into my list.

Basically, my build is a "worse" Storm list because it is lacking some key elements. First, it's lacking black (in Commander, Grixis is the color of choice for Storm, with Jeleva, Scourge of Nephalia being the General of choice). A big omission here is the black payoff card of Tendrils of Agony. Simple red-blue, or Izzet, is simply just worse in this format. I'm also not running rituals, i.e. nigh-uninteractive ramp (though I could play Desperate Ritual etc.), and not running more of the fast mana artifacts such as Mana Crypt, Mox Diamond, Lion's Eye Diamond, etc. Cards like these are competitive storm staples. Choosing not to play these meanswe are going to be slower in "going off," and our means to finally do so are going to be far more interactive than a typical competitive Storm list. Basically, since we are slower, we allow opponents to make more plays and bring more resources to bear to interact with us. This makes the game more enjoyable for non-cEDH opponents because they have a far more equal chance of winning. Not running black also takes us off of the quasi-infinite draw engine that is Necropotence. So, instead of cEDH Storm lists, who typically can go off (with counterspells available to protect them) on Turns 2-4, we are playing a far more interactive deck that can go off on Turn 5-6 at the earliest, but more typically Turns 7-9.

I also decided to have a bit of a "Spellslinger" approach to supplement the Storm theme here, so that we can actually win without Storm kills. We can just play cards like Young Pyromancer and Guttersnipe and win through spell value, or even get crazy with Nivmagus Elemental and eat our own spells to make a gigantic threat on the board. Basically, I wanted a Storm deck that was still interactive and robust enough to protect itself from other tuned, but non-cEDH, deck lists, and cosistent enough to still Storm off by Turn 7-8 (and almost guaranteed to do so by Turn 10). So this deck would almost certainly not beat cEDH lists, but it's still a strong "75%" list that can hold its own against noncompetitive Commander decks of similar caliber.

Basically, this is a Storm deck against which I want my opponents to actually have fun, while not being comically underpowered.

August 8, 2018 8:29 a.m.


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