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I am a Boros guy.

I'm not nearly as active on this site as I was a few years ago because my interest in Magic: The Gathering has waned significantly. This is mostly due to what I consider to be the decline of the Modern format, which Wizards of the Coast has more or less abandoned. I still play Limited, some casual Commander, and spurts of Standard. My work schedule and personal life are both busy so I don't have as much time to spend on this game as I once did. But feel free to post here and I'll do what I can to trade, chat, deck tech, or whatever.

For reference, all of the decks I currently have physically constructed for any format, and am actively playing (or working on/constructing), will appear on my profile page. All other decks I have played and subsequently retired can be found by viewing my Deck Folders.

Other Stuff About Me

As a collector, I place an absolute premium on card condition (more on this on my binder page). I almost always refuse to own or play cards that are in less than Near Mint/Mint condition. Please bear this in mind when trading or selling with me.

As a member of the T/O community, I like to browse deck lists to expand my knowledge of the game. Often, I won't feel qualified to offer advice on a list (usually due to a lack of familiarity with the format), but I will upvote and comment on it if I think it's cool. I do offer extensive deck tech advice for Standard at all times, and I'm perfectly willing to post in-depth analyses for anyone's lists if they feel inclined to request it. I have a lot of knowledge about Standard and I have the tournament experience to back it up. I do my best to avoid negativity and conflict on the site's forums. However, I am an active participant in a wide range of discussions.

Feel free to stop by, even if it's just to say hello.


Grixis Improvise

Standard* JakeHarlow


Making Gains

Standard* JakeHarlow


Boros Cartouche - Amonkhet Standard

Standard* JakeHarlow


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