Kor Sky Climber

Kor Sky Climber

Creature — Kor Soldier Ally

: Kor Sky Climber gains flying until end of turn.

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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster (MYS1) Common
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Common

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Format Legality
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Pioneer Legal
Legacy Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Limited Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal

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Kor Sky Climber Discussion

Gidgetimer on Exiled creature with enters the …

4 years ago

So I found where you found that phrase. It is the first part of Eldrazi Displacer's Gatherer ruling. That particular Gatherer ruling is worded a bit oddly. You also stopped adding emphases a little short of where you should have to completely understand this. The phrase that we need to look at is "It won't... ...have any additional abilities it may have had when it was exiled". It is important to understand that the ruling is talking about as the creature existed before it was exiled.

There are many things in MTG that add abilities to cards. This is what it is talking about when it says "additional abilities". Abilities that are not printed on the card. For a simple example from the same block we can look at Kor Sky Climber. If you activate Kor Sky Climber's ability it gains flying when it didn't have it before. If you activate its ability and then Kor Sky Climber gets blinked it will no longer have the additional ability of flying. It still has all printed abilities of the card though and you can pay mana symbol 1mana symbol w to give it flying again.

DasKoonce on Standard FNM Black/White Deck

4 years ago

I just really got into magic, though I played for the first time in elementary school and I've had two decks for years. I bought a Shadows on Innistrad deckbuilders toolkit as a friend advised me to, and I built the following deck:

Black/White (And a few colorless decklist)

Creatures: (16 Total)-Vampire Envoy X2-Stone Haven Medic X2-Zulaport Cutthroat X2-Kor Sky Climber X1-Kor Scythemaster X1-Sengir Vampire X1-Malakir Familiar X1-Nirkana Assassin X1-Kozilek's Channeler X1-Farbog Revenant X1-Bane of Bala Ged X1-Serra Angel X1-Aegis Angel X1

Mana: (26 Total)-Sandstone Bridge X1-Evolving Wilds X1-Sanctum of Ugin X1-Forsaken Sanctuary X2-Plains X10-Swamp X11

Sorcery: (6 Total)-Macabre Waltz X2-Chaplain's Blessing X1-Angelic Purge X1-Shamble Back X1-Mind Rot X1

Instant: (5 Total)-Scour from Existence X1-Immolating Glare X1-Inspired Charge X1-Grotesque Mutation X1-Tandem Tactics X1

Enchantment: (6 Total)-Angelic Gift X1-Dead Weight X1-Marked by Honor X1-Gryff's Boon X1-Stasis Snare X2

I'm going to my local gamestore tomorrow to pick up cards, and get advice from people there. If there is anything that would improve my deck, please help me out and tell me. I know I need to build more consistency, and I probably need to take out some cards, but which? The idea behind this deck was to generate and steal health while going for the kill with creatures. I'm not trying to win anything big, just have a decent time at FNM and have fun. (Though winning will certainly never be a bad thing)

razelfark on Black & White, Super Budget. ~$10

4 years ago

Got a lot of suggestions for the deck. Please don't take this as an attack on your deck building since you are trying to make it on a budget so I will suggest cards to stay with the budget mentality. Might bring your deck over ten dollars with my suggestion but I will try to keep it under $20 for your final cost.

Removal suggestions:

Some of the cards you have in the deck could be cut because they don't synchronize well in the deck. Examples being Courier Griffin and Stone Haven Medic don't offer you much support as non "Ally" cards. As for your Nirkana Assassin I would also try and find a different card for this slot as they are too situational to make strong use of.

Makindi Patrol is a nice ally card but I often find him lacking. I usually don't find him to useful because I don't care to block much because of the amount of life either being gained or leached from opponent. Most of the creatures you have gaining vigilance you won't want to block with and he doesn't put much pressure on the opponent.

I would also suggest cutting From Under the Floorboards, while it is a good card you lack the ability to make it truly useful by having a discard mechanic to use it for madness. You also don't have anything in deck to make use of having the zombies except as sacrifice fodder for the Vampiric Rites.

Addition suggestions:

Lifegain route:

Cliffhaven Vampire is a solid card since you have a lot of life gain and is an flying ally for pairing with other skills.

Ondu War Cleric think will benefit you more then the Stone Haven Medic because he will count as an ally for other abilities, gains you more life, bigger base stats for same mana cost.

Serene Steward is a version of Bloodbond Vampire but allows you to place the +1/+1 counter on any target for an extra mana. This is useful because you can stack the counters of varying creatures to make more then one threat on your side of the board and also allows you to make your fliers that much scarier.

For aggressive flight deck play:

Relief Captain because it is really solid for its mana cost. Good size body and pumps your other creatures. Good paired with next set of suggestions.

Makindi Aeronaut cheap flier that can be made strong from support spells. Nice if you could pair with Captain's Claws because you can generate ally tokens and not be blocked easily; the tokens can be used to not only trigger enter battlefield effects but also be sacrificed to Vampiric Rites before they die.

Kor Sky Climber 3/2 for 3 that can gain flying for only 2 mana seems good for the budget idea.

Cliffhaven Vampire same reasons as before if you keep some life gain in deck.

General suggestion cards:

March from the Tomb can be a great replacement for From Under the Floorboards because you can bring back about as many bodies as you would with Floorboards but get all the useful ability triggers for the same effective mana cost.

Captain's Claws can be useful but I suggest proxy them if you don't have and test them to see if you like them.

Ally Encampment is a great card since you have so few non ally spells in deck. Its second function is useful also for re-triggering ally enter skills and saving certain cards from kills spells.

Well these are all the cards I can think to suggest with some ideas on what to pull out. I hope the comments were useful. I tried to break my suggestions into 2 deck ideas with some general support spells that would be useful to either build. I really suggest the Encampment for the deck as the card is $1 each and does a lot for your deck as a mana fixer and also gives you some extra tricks. I would suggest maybe a few control options for the deck like Stasis Snare or similar spells to help when you come across a threat that needs to be removed, because you will likely have to deal with whatever comes out since you don't move very fast in this deck build.

If you have any questions about my suggestions feel free to ask and I will try my best to explain the methods to my madness.

Dwopple on

4 years ago

I was already thinking of cutting Angel of Renewal, but thanks for the confirmation. Do you think Kor Entanglers and Kor Sky Climber could also go?

Drilnoth on What is an activated ability?

4 years ago

An activated ability is an ability (such as one a creature or artifact has) which has a cost to use, with a colon separating the cost and the effect. For example, Kor Sky Climber has an activated ability with a cost of and an effect of "Kor Sky Climber gains flying until end of turn."

Activating an activated ability works pretty much the same way as casting a spell. You pay the ability's cost to activate it (and choose any targets for it), and then players can respond by casting other spells or abilities before your ability resolves and its effect takes place.

If an ability is not in written as a cost and an effect with a colon separating them, it is not an activated ability. Seed Guardian for instance has a static ability ("reach") and a triggered ability (which you can identify by its use of "when", "whenever", or "at" to set up a condition). Note that some triggered abilities, such as the final ability of Gravity Negator, require that a cost be paid, but that does not make them activated abilties. Note that there is no colon in the Negator's ability.

aeonstoremyliver on Two Fat Pack Pulls...Haul or …

4 years ago

So, I picked up two Fat Packs (and one booster) of Oath of the Gatewatch. Was hoping to pull an Expedition, but ya know. I think this was more bust than anything, but my pulls were:

2x Sylvan Advocate

1x Zendikar Resurgent

1x Baloth Pup F

1x Forest F

1x Eldrazi Displacer

1x General Tazri

1x Stone Haven Outfitter

1x Kor Sky Climber F

1x Remorseless Punishment

1x Dread Defiler

1x Sifter of Skulls

1x Kozilek's Shrieker F

2x Dimensional Infiltrator

2x Oath of Jace

1x Overwhelming Denial

1x Jwar Isle Avenger F

2x Eldrazi Obligator

1x Embodiment of Fury F

2x Needle Spires

1x Corrupted Crossroads

So I think I'm gonna stick to buying singles.

curious.jp on OoTG Sealed League Pool

4 years ago

Two more games played, against the same opponent - a draw, and a loss. First league booster was Abstruse Interference, Call the Gatewatch, Corpse Churn, Essence Depleter, Expedite, Kor Sky Climber, Kozilek's Translator, Makindi Aeronaut, Reality Hemorrhage, Saddleback Lagac, Stalking Drone, Void Shatter, Warden of Geometries.

I have tried to rebuild to focus more on pure U/W, with more creatures. I swapped Stoneforge Masterwork for Chitinous Cloak as it seems a bit more consistent (although more expensive).

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