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Plays around the theme of morph to keep the opponent guessing what is attacking and how to block. This deck employs many tricks to get the opponents creatures off the board and to keep ours on and swinging. The selection of morphs is diverse but keeps a similar theme of being strong heavy hitters. The flip cost of a morph is relevant so some cheaper to flip morphs such as Blistering Firecat that can be utilized without a Skirk Alarmist or Turn to Mist . Other morphs such as Imperial Hellkite thrive when a Skirk is on the board but are almost useless otherwise. Each morph plays a different role. As they are played face down, no one knows which it might be.

There are some control elements in the form of removal. 4x Lightning Bolt , 1x Fire/Ice to take care of creatures. 2x Spell Pierce for soft permission. 2x Turn to Mist can be used in a pinch to exile an enemy creature temporarily.

Cantrips and drawing cards are important to piece together our combos. 4x of Ponder and 4x Brainstorm help a lot with this.

Skirk Alarmist is our engine. It cheats on morph costs, flipping them up "for free". Skirk Alarmist + Imperial Hellkite or Ashcloud Phoenix are card advantage engines, allowing us to trade with the opponents creature, replacing itself, or getting in for 6 damage (although we take 2 when Ashcloud Phonenix flips face up. Blistering Firecat doesn't mind being flipped by Skirk as it is going to be sacrificed at the beginning of the end step anyway. This can get around sticky mana situations when 2 or 3 red mana is unavailable. Akroma, Angel of Fury doesn't like to be flipped by Skirk unless we have Teferi's Veil or excess red mana to +X/+0 for the last points of life.

Turn to Mist on a any face down morph face up will flicker them out and delayed return to the battlefield at the end step face up. This can be used with Blistering Firecat , casting Turn to Mist with the sac trigger on the stack. It will come back during your opponents end step, ready to swing for another 7 on your turn. Mask of the Mimic takes advantage of creatures that have flipped, saccing other available creatures to get a second copy of any target creature on our battlefield.

One drop spells are utilized to strengthen our morphs as they are naturally weak as 2/2. Ghostfire Blade makes them +2/+2 for one mana. It also can be attached to a Mishra's Factory .

There are several sac triggers such as Skirk Alarmist or Blistering Firecat that this deck avoids by using Teferi's Veil to phase out after combat before the delayed triggers occurs during end step. A one shot of this technique can be used by casting Turn to Mist with the sac at end of turn trigger on the stack. Damage output is optimized with Firecat by pulling combat shenanigans via Lightning Bolt , Fire/Ice, or Pyrokinesis after blocks declared keep our Firecat alive and swing another turn. Mask of the Mimic allows for some explosive plays such as sac Skirk Alarmist after flipping any morph face up to get a copy of the face up creature. One faceup Blistering Firecat all of a sudden turns into two, threatening 14 damage with haste. If they attacked into Teferi's Veil that is 14 damage swinging next turn too.


Teferi's Veil + Blistering Firecat

Teferi's Veil + any attacking morph + Skirk Alarmist

Skirk Alarmist + Blistering Firecat or Ashcloud Phoenix or Imperial Hellkite

Skirk Alarmist + any morphs but Akroma + Turn to Mist

Skirk Alarmist + Imperial Hellkite + Brainstorm for those times when no fetchland is around.

Ghostfire Blade + morph or Mishra's Factory

Turn to Mist + facedown morph (except Blistering Firecat ) unless during sac trigger at beginning of end step

Skirk Alarmist + Mask of the Mimic + faceup morph, sacrificing another creature.


Basilisk Collar turns the huge points in damage into life gain as the deck starts off a bit slow then gets rolling later.

Red is too fast so we slow them down with Chill . Side out many of the red cards in the deck. Red morphs can stay in because they cast for 3

Misdirection Against heavy single target removal.

Propaganda for those agro decks. Morphs take a while to get on the board.

Quicksilver Dragon vs heavy removal.

Ratchet Bomb for some boards clogged with cheap creatures.

Stratus Dancer vs spell heavy. Can also be played on turn 2 for some board presence.

Thousand Winds to bounce creatures.

Vesuvan Shapeshifter to copy my morphs or opponents relevant creatures.

Willbender vs heavy removal decks to redirect.

Tips are appreciated, will be considered and looked into.


Updates Add

Maelstrom Djinn proved to be too slow and clunky. Taking 2x of it out added 1x Ashcloud Phoenix and 1x Zoetic Cavern. Excess red cards can be pitched to Pyrokinesis. Turn to Mist is back in, allowing flips on our morphs as well as tricks such as casting with a "sacrifice at beginning of the end step" trigger on the stack. Doing so with Blistering Firecat allows it to swing for another 7 after ETB during opponents end step.


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