This is a tribal treefolk deck using Doran, the Siege Tower 's ability to pump out tons of damage.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to share them.

I'm trying to fit Kin-Tree Invocation into the deck right now, any suggestions with that would be great. I also recently removed 3x Sylvan Caryatid for 2x Siege Rhino and 1x Skinshifter . Does that seem like a solid idea?

====================== Cards ======================

Doran, the Siege Tower

Makes my treefolk pump out insane damage, very cost-efficiently. The deck's main win-con. This card can potentially backfire, but playing it is almost never not worth it.

Treefolk Harbinger

Allows me to fetch Doran or any other trefolk, and provides a good turn-one drop.

Birds of Paradise

Solid mana ramp for any color. I can also use it as a chump flying blocker later in the game.

Sylvan Caryatid

Another great ramp card. Also works well with doran, the seige tower.

Bosk Banneret

Allows me to play treefolk faster.

Leaf-Crowned Elder

This card is insane. It allows me to pump out treefolk like crazy.


Very versatile creature, does great damage with Doran, the Siege Tower . Also stars in National Treasure.

Timber Protector

What's not to love? Can come out fairly early with my mana ramp and Leaf-Crowned Elder , and pumps and protects all of my treefolk.

Go for the Throat, Ultimate Price, Oblivion Ring, and Abrupt Decay

All solid removal spells.

====================The Sideboard===================


Protects my field from decks with heavy removal.

Creeping Corrosion

Solid board-wipe against artifact decks.

Maelstrom Pulse

Good against decks that tend to have multiple of one creature out. (Soul Sisters, Token decks)

Rest in Peace

Shuts down graveyard-based decks.

Ghostly Prison

For shutting down token decks or decks that attack with a lot of creatures (red deck wins etc.).

Silklash Spider

Good removal for flying decks. Also strong with Doran, the Siege Tower .

Surgical Extraction

Shuts down decks that rely on specific cards.