Using Eldritch Evolution to get Deep Forest Hermit out as quick as possible and smash face with some squirrels. The basic idea is:

  • Turn 1 : land, dork
  • Turn 2 : land, 3-drop
  • Turn 3 : land, evolution the 3-drop into Deep Forest Hermit

There's 4x Kitchen Finks since it's best 3-drop to Evolution, but all the other 3-drop creatures have good ETB value so they're all good targets for the 4x Ephemerate (when not casting it on the hermit to make a million squirrels).

Vraska, Golgari Queen provides something in the 4 CMC slot for mid-late game grinding. At her worst she's an Abrupt Decay , which is pretty relevant in the current meta hitting things like Ensnaring Bridge . She can also tick up on a squirrel to provide card advantage as well as some extra life gain (in case the 4x finks aren't enough).

I'm currently trying out a single Yarok, the Desecrated because you can never have too many squirrels, but that can be cut for the 4th Deep Forest Hermit and the Breeding Pool for a 3rd Razorverge Thicket to stick to 3 colors.


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