I want to build a small stable of pauper decks for when my friends and I want to play 60-card, so decided to mash together a few stratagems I like that seemed, at least to me, be pretty much the same deck with a few card's variation... the Kuldotha decks (Red/Boros/Jeskai) and Acid Trip.

So, what does it do? The deck relies on bounce (Dream Stalker, Glint Hawk, Kor Skyfisher) to get multiple uses out of our ETBs and LTBs (Lone Missionary, Heliod's Pilgrim, Ichor Wellspring, Prophetic Prism, Reality Acid, Thraben Inspector, Trinket Mage) and generate a ton of card advantage. Sac effects (Angelic Purge, Kuldotha Rebirth) allow us to get more from extra permanents we have sitting about (especially Ichor Wellspring and Clue tokens) and Galvanic Blast is a strict upgrade on Lightning Bolt with the sheer number of artifacts this deck runs.

For now, the sideboard is a copy-paste of a Kuldotha Jeskai sideboard, figuring the deck would have similar needs and access to similar tools, which would get edited as I play.

Input is always welcome!

Palace Sentinels


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