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"Crude tactics can be effective nonetheless."

This is my take on another classic: gruul big boys.

Again this deck is pretty linear. Ramp up your land base with Ilysian Caryatid, then go for Nessian Hornbeetle+Warden of the Chained. Bonecrusher Giant is a bit of removal (just like Ram Through) and another creature with 4 in strength to boost your early game. Garruk's Uprising ensures your card draw and gives your line-up trample, while I find The First Iroan Games to be the perfect allrounder for this deck. Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma is also a logical inclusion, for he makes you high drops cheaper, even bigger and -surprise, surprise- is yet another creature with power 4! End-Raze Forerunners is you big finisher, while I included Terror of the Peaks because it's an overall powerful card that also gives you an additional (not particularly elegant) win condition by burning your opponent. If you want to go even more budget I'd suggest cutting Terror of the Peaks, for he is the most expensive card in this deck. The most fun cards to play are Bolt Bend that acts as a witty protection for your creatures and Barrage of Boulders, which is the ultimate finisher. If your playgroup runs a lot of mass removal I'd recommend including Wrap in Vigor for further protection.

Like all of my brews this is supposed to be a not too competitive budget deck with a fun twist. I hope this one sparks joy and if you have any suggestions for improvement I'd love to hear them!


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