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Wait, where did the deer go? (Budget)

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"Do you smell that, friends? Fear and despair. "

Finally night is falling and we return to Innistrad! Oh deer am I excited, I waited for some time to build a werewolf deck, so here we go!

This deck is a decently fast lineup that tries to overwhelm your enemies in one final, devastating push: Play your werewolves on curve and as night sets attack with all your strength! Starting out, you want to get some presence on the board with Wolfbitten Captive  . Mind his activated ability doesn't count as spell, so even if you activate it and cast nothing else he and other werewolves will transform - the same applies for Duskwatch Recruiter  . Kessig Naturalist   is an overall great card, as it is your basic ramp and includes a lord when transformed. To ramp even faster and to fix your hand a bit, I recently included Duskwatch Recruiter  . Mayor of Avabruck   is another lord (in human form for your weakly humans and in wolf form for the pack), plus he fills your board even further with his furry companions. Breakneck Rider   is the first card that shows the real direction this deck is headed... at your opponents throat! If transformed he boosts your lineup and gives your puppies trample. Instigator Gang  's effect is essentially Breakneck Rider   on steroids and a great finisher - especially when combined with the haste transformed Reckless Stormseeker   grants. Geier Reach Bandit   and Tovolar, Dire Overlord   are your big transformers, while the latter also lets you draw cards. Moonmist is your hideous combat trick! It transformes all your werewolves and lets them shine in bright moonlight to reek havoc amongst your opponent's lines. To round off the deck Full Moon's Rise gives your team some form of resilience against removal. Finally Arlinn, the Pack's Hope   can either give you some more mana in the mid game or provide another attacking body. Please keep a feature of the new cards in mind: your older werewolves always enter the battlefield in human form. Creatures with Nightbound however enter the battlefield already transformed if it's night.

I hope to inspire you to pick up werewolves as well, for they are one of the most interesting tribes out there, providing a unique mechanic! As always please let me know what you think of the deck and share improvements! It's very soon after the set's release, so I would greatly appreciate your input.

Thanks to your suggestions I created an upgraded, more competitive version of the deck with no monetary limits.
Please let me know what you think!


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