"But, Sir, I could die!" screams the young goblin. "Just do it ya wuss! For the glory of the planeswalker!" shouts Sir Killyourface. Out young Billy the goblin runs, into the fray only to be sacrificed to draw cards. A shame really.

Ever wanted to flood the board with tokens but not care whether they live or die while simultaneously killing your opponent to death? This deck is for you! What's that you say? You want something as cheap is dirt? Well this crap is under $20 on TCGPlayer. Suck it, Modern!

Exploding Tokens is based around a key combo in the deck: Ponyback Brigade and Undying Evil. However, there is way too much synergy in this deck to keep track of. The deck can go in many other directions as you choose, but here are some of the main combos I use in this particular build:


Doomed Traveler - Triggers! Plus, a free block that makes a 1/1 flyer is insane.

Dragon Egg - A relatively cheap blocker that creates a pumpable flier when it dies? VALUETOWN!

Kathari Bomber - Need a flier to get over some ground dwellers? BOOM! 2/2 flier. Need triggers? BOOM! Double triggers when bomber deals combat damage to a player. It has Unearth as well for the late game, which is very much appreciated in this deck.

Mogg War Marshal - Marshal + Reap + Undying = for two cards, five 1/1s (TRIGGERS!), and a free 2/2 blocker. Lord still my beating heart!

Ponyback Brigade - Staple of the deck that becomes a nice blocker with Undying Evil that creates 4 mother-freakin (excuse my French) TRIGGERS!

Soul Warden - Put those triggers to use!

Soul's Attendant - See above. The split is to protect against cards like Echoing Decay.

Impact Tremors - Kill 'em 'till they're dead! Need I say more?

Altar's Reap - This card was meant for this deck. I mean, block a threat with a Doomed Traveller or something, then Altar's Reap in response (yeah it's instant speed, sucka), and there ya go. BOOMSHAKALAKA!

Lightning Bolt - This deck has Mountains.

Raise the Alarm - Instant speed double triggers. Don't get much better. They can block too.

Undying Evil - Extra triggers. This also can make a free blocker that gets bigger, or turn a sacrifice into an even bigger advantage. It's also the other half of the key combo with Ponyback Brigade. (See COMBOS)

LANDS:I run a 5-5-3 ratio of Mountains, Plains, and Swamps. I also run 3 Holdout Settlement to support my three colors and help with splashing. I also run 4 Evolving Wilds to help with mana fixing. This makes for a total of 20 lands. This amount is fine for my relatively low converted mana cost, but you may choose to add more or fewer.

SIDEBOARD:Soul Warden/Soul's Attendant - More sisters to handle your life total against aggro matchups.

Duress - To disrupt combo decks and get rid of pesky Journey to Nowheres.

Lumithread Field - Use this card to protect against weenie matchups or players playing red. Always assume that they WILL have Electrickery post-board. You can also trick your opponents into thinking it's a Ponyback Brigade, drawing their removal.

Electrickery - For token Match-ups and Bogles. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, am I right?

Smash to Smithereens - Straight-up artifact hate that puts them down on life.

Warren Wierding - First off, +1 for flavor. This card can be used to take down a Slippery Bogle, or you can cast it on yourself and sac a Mogg War Marshal, a Ponyback Brigade (use Undying Evil, or even just a goblin token to create some unexpected hasty dudes in a pinch. (also...TRIGGERS!)


Deadly Grub - Three mana for a dude who makes a 6/1 shrouder when it dies? On a 3/1 body? what more could you ask for?! I personally chose to run Dragon Egg over this for the advantage of flying, but, by all means go for it!

Make Mischief - Too many triggers to count! It can be targeted removal, or a burn spell. It makes a blocker, or sacrifice fodder with benefits too! If you find yourself up against decks with a lot of one toughness creatures, definitely consider adding this card to your side or even main-board.

Battle Screech - Repeatable triggers that create flying tokens. Not too shabby. Gets slightly better with Faithless Looting.

Faithless Looting - Helps dig for Impact Tremors or Soul Warden early game, or for Ponyback Brigade late game. It also gets better with Battle Screech.

Raid Bombardment - Feel like punching your opponent in the face over and over again while they beg for mercy? Try this one.

Rally the Peasants - Nice, repeatable pump.

If you like the deck, give it a try and let me know how it goes! All suggestions are welcome, but remember, only common rarity is allowed in Pauper.

If you liked this pauper brew, check out this other one I made!

My Little Pony Friends

Pauper* Landonius



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