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BW Processors but there are only 4 processors

Modern Eldrazi Midrange WB (Orzhov)



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Just pretend my Windswept Heaths are Marsh Flats lol

Any suggestions will be appreciated. This is probably my final revision before I start testing out this deck at FNMs. I don't know why this deck is called processors when I only have 4 processors at this point haha


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-1 Wasteland Strangler
+1 Matter Reshaper
Finally played my first modern event and went 3-1 (yay). I feel as though the deck has enough removal already and I feel like it should have more turn 3 options if I don't need to hold up mana. Matter Reshaper is a really good card as it replaces itself on death but I still want to run Wasteland Strangler because of the synergy this deck has with Tidehollow as well as with suspended cards.


-2 Timely Reinforcements
-2 Fragmentize
+2 Runed Halo
+2 Disenchant
Timely Reinforcements only helps vs burn (and I guess zoo?) but other than that I feel as though I didn't need to run it as I have enough removal spells to fight against fast creature-based decks (plus Blessed Alliance helps too). I replaced Timely for a runed halo so I can board better vs more matchups. Changing Fragmentize to a Disenchant simply because Fragmentize misses a lot of cards while Disenchant hits them all on top of being instant speed.


Still want to play with Kaya, Orzhov Usurper, RIP, more blight herders, etc. But I think that would mean a big change to the deck so I'll leave it be for now. I feel like Kaya will come in sooner or later tho haha. Sorin is an absolute beast in this deck. I am thinking about running another copy of him but he kinda sucks by himself lol. Warping Wail is amazing, at worst its ramp but it can win games when the opponent isn't expecting a counterspell.


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