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This right here took my LGS by storm and took the store Championship Mat!

This is 4 color goodness that dominates the board quite significantly. This is a step by step deck that is insanely efficient. Step one Ramp. Step two board wipes. Step three land destruction. Step 4 stomp or burn!

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Updated with my newest deck list I have been running since release of Guilds. This things seems like it's all over the place but this deck does not disappoint. With wiggle room to tweak colors and cards it is probably the most versatile deck I have created yet. There's value all over this place and while Tappedout has over valued it at 30% competitive I have ran the tables all over all kinds of decks. From home brews to top 8 net decks this deck can perform.

I have changed the sideboard a couple times and this is its current iteration but if you can dream it then it can be done. At one point the sideboard was nothing but blue control but that isn't my play style so I took that out lol. Anyways if you like it give it a +1 please!


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