Rakdos Warfare at its best. This fast Midrange deck thrives on Destruction and Necromancy


  • Deploy creatures, empower them through magic and use them in battle
  • Revive casualties and press the assault
  • Lock out enemy reinforcements/answers by blowing up lands


Non-creature spells:

  • Fatal Push kills most enemy creature threats in the format
  • Lightning Bolt doesn't need introductions
  • Thoughtseize disrupts the enemy hand. Very useful to kill a card that would disturb the game-plan
  • Molten Rain nukes lands with the bonus of painful fallout if they're non-basic
  • Thrill of Possibility refuels hand and can setup a creature to be reanimated later
  • Supernatural Stamina is a combat trick that boosts power and immediately reanimates a creature upon death
  • Unearth brings back any lost creature directly into the field again

Main combos:


  • Claim / Fame reanimates or/and increases offensive. Double trigger on Swiftspear and Fiend in one card slot
  • Damnation is a fat board-wipe to use against Tokens and Aggro
  • Feed the Swarm is emergency removal but mainly is the only Enchantment hate card in my colors
  • Nihil Spellbomb delays or shuts down opposing graveyard based strategies
  • Smash to Smithereens is burning Artifact hate. Chosen to dodge the predictable 1 counter Chalice of the Void
  • Pithing Needle neutralizes Planeswalkers, most opposing Graveyard hate spells and many other key cards

To sumarize, I cast creatures, they trade with opposing creatures or spells, my creatures come back while the enemy's don't, some lands blow up during all this and I keep snowballing Tempo advantage until victory. That's the theory at least

Hope you enjoy this deck. I know there's still room for improvement and need your help optimizing the boards. Any suggestions welcome, thank you!


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