Hello, everyone. I primarily play MTG Commander/EDH casually, and I mainly play Yu-Gi-Oh, but I am more than happy to accept advice to git gud with this game. Happy to meet you :)

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Hey there! I came here to update you about some changes I made to my Mogis EDH deck!

Firstly, I went ahead and added the Dark Ritual like you recommended. But I also switched out some creatures to keep the mana curve low. I noticed through my first playthrough I wasn't getting enough mana to get my big creatures out, but as I kept testing it, some boards do pop off. I also added some creatures like Avatar of Discord, which is only a 3 drop but significantly increases my devotion for Mogis as well.

Thank you once again for the assistance with this deck. I take EDH and MTG as a whole very casually so I just kinda roll with my library as well as what I think could work better for it. Hope it all works out! :)

May 14, 2022 4:13 a.m.






Mogis' Festival of Fire

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