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The Party Pyromaniac

Modern Burn Mono-Red



I don't really play Modern, but for some reason I saw the spoiled Party Thrasher and thought "this is a card for burn right?" I don't know if it really is, but it inspired me to build a deck with the Lizard Wizard in it. Party Thrasher is a useful discard outlet, so Fiery Temper and Blazing Rootwalla are good discard fodder for more bolts and bodies respectively. The newly modern legal (once MH3 releases of course) Barbarian Ring is also used here, I like what it does. Though, it remains to be seen whether its better than Ramunap Ruins or not.

I realize now that the name sounds like it would be Party based Mardu pyromancer but eh. It's catchy.


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Out- -2 Chandra, Dressed to Kill -4 Vexing Devil -2 Rift Bolt

In- -4 Fiery Temper -4 Blazing Rootwalla

Edit: Keeping these changes


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+1 Mutiny maybe
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