I like vampires. Update: Vampires didn't get a lord and I'm blaming the dinos. I'm still going to try and make it work though! I think this deck has potential and hope you do too.

Basically this deck is built wanting to kill as many creatures as possible. Often that means your own creatures, but that's ok, they are vampires, they'll come back. So you kill a bunch of creatures with Dusk or Yahenni's Expertise and then drop Bloodcrazed Paladin on the mostly empty board as a strong, powerful beater. Then later in the game, you can play cards like Dawn or Bishop of Rebirth's effect to recur some of those creatures again.
Metallic Mimic & Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle serve as lords (hoping that the set gives us another one) pumping and establishing more and more of a board presence. Have them both of the battlefield and you get 2/2 lifelinkers! I'm still holding out hope for another "real" Lord. Metallic Mimic is fine, but it's only is really great with another lord. Since a lot of the vampire's flavor text keep referencing a queen, I'm assuming we have another lord coming. I guess the only question is whether she will be making an appearance this set or next. Regardless, I'll make due what what I have. Update: Next set. HEAVY SIGH
So there is still a couple cards that haven't been added to TO's database yet. One is : Vampire's Zeal & the other is Sheltering Light

Basically, you have no idea how much it bugs me that I want to play a deck mostly made up of 1/1 creatures. Thoughts? I know they both suck, so don't tell me that.

Main issue, the entire deck is pretty much 1/1 creatures. Part of me thinks that this deck is going to be kinda painful to play. But I still wanna play it. So if you can help me think of a different way to kill my opponent's with some combinations of these cards, I'll probaby love you forever. Or just find you and suck your blood or something. I dunno, vampires.

Another problem: Rampaging Ferocidon. This card can flip my entire deck on me if I can't remove it. Fortunately it dies to Dusk, Yahenni's Expertise & a revolted Fatal Push. But I still acknowledge it as a problem.

This deck looks pretty fun, I can't wait to play it, but it's still a work in progress. Hit me with any suggestions or comments you have!


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