Stompy is back in a big way with Dominaria; lets break some faces gang! This deck is legal 04/28/2018. I've made some decisions as of late that were based on the complete spoiler. I've replaced Bristling Hydra with Untamed Kavu because of a flexibility choice. If you can play it on curve, it is ferocious as a 2/2 with vigilance - the trample does not matter that much. But, in the alternative later in the game you can slide in the kicker cost and have a beefy creature. Gaea's Blessing is nice recursion because you will probably need it. Creatures die; and it offers some interesting protection and a free card draw. To boot, if someone is stupid enough to mill it, you get your entire graveyard back. I picked Gaea's Blessing over Nature's Spiral because a bevy of threats with multiple win conditions I think is more important than just one card your opponent knows is coming and when. It adds some variability to the mix. Nissa, Vital Force is a one of and win condition because she can make your lands into beatdown. She is also recursion for you, and in addition, card draw should you in the rare case do her ultimate. Song of Freyalise helps tremendously with ramp at opportune times. Scavenger Grounds has been removed from the deck directly; as I view Hashep Oasis as superior in most cases. You may grab two and slap them in place of the oasis though. It just depends on your area's meta whether or not to include two of either. Two other considerations may be to take out the Song of Freyalise and insert Rhonas's Monument; but I came up with faster tempo using the song for certain. Your mileage may vary on that, but for me, it ended up being a very good mana producer with an added bit of whoopass at the end of it.

The Merfolk Branchwalker was a very, very, strong consideration as well over the Resilient Khenra but I went with the khenras simply because of the burst potential. The branchwalkers are near and dear to my heart, and a great two drop in most all situations, but I was shooting for more firepower out of the gate. Turn one, play a Llanowar Elves and turn two can be a Resilient Khenra on your elves to swing for three if you're lacking a Steel Leaf Champion. If you do hit a champion you can use the Blossoming Defense and Resilient Khenra at in combination to smash your opponent for 10 damage turn three. Very late in the game you can also eternalize the Resilient Khenra which mean's something is getting +4/+4 which could swing the tide in any battle.

Ive recently changed out the two Territorial Allosaurus for two Ripjaw Raptor to assist with card draw, and because the raptors body size is nearly the same.

The sideboard is self-explanatory really. The Carnage Tyrant and Prowling Serpopard are there for those pesky counterspells, and Deathgorge Scavenger provides more graveyard hate. Plummet is there for toss flyers out of the way. And again, I slipped in two more Gaea's Blessing into the board if you're feeling light on recursion and need it versus some serious removal decks. One final bit of advice, do tend to watch out for Settle the Wreckage or Urza's Ruinous Blast so if you can have one creature in hand, that sometimes is a safer aggro play that just dropping your entire hand.

Feedback is appreciated!

UPDATE 1: Went in against some Planeswalkers, and other decks tonight. I must say; we gotta go FAST. Even FASTER than I thought before. This deck has teeth; but you gotta go for the kill fast. The long game isn't what Stompy is about; and therefore we need to up the stakes, and go hard in the paint quickly. I've removed both Ripjaw Raptor and replaced them with Untamed Kavu because Trample and Vigilance are broken on a two drop, and you can still kick the kavu to hit 5/5. It is a delicious creature. I've dropped the two Gaea's Blessing from the main deck because you just need to get there fast on DPS. The replacement is two Merfolk Branchwalker and she also has a bit of built in card draw that helps. Combined with the four Jadelight Ranger and Nissa, Vital Force you'll have enough recursion and card draw for the duration of a fight you are looking for.

Again, I'll be up front; you're looking to go fast, but don't play silly. Look at the board and watch for board wipes. Urza's Ruinous Blast is on the deck as an entirely screw you worthy threat. The Superfriends deck in general needs to be dead or near death at turn five. I'm hoping they ban Oath of Teferi because basically that card is what has broken planeswalkers in half. It is stupid, so make sure you target it with Naturalize as fast as possible if you spot it.

Enjoy it folks. This is the polished form I am going with.

Update 2: Again, some sort of STRANGE AND ODDBALL ROLLBACK happened with my deck design list, and I've RE-UPDATED it again to reflect the real and current one.

Update 3: Big thanks to all the people that helped contribute to ideas; and for the upvotes, follows, and folder additions. This deck has hit #2 on TappedOut and I'm thankful for that. I hope anyone that likes it wins a bunch of games! The deck is second only to my NUMBER ONE DECK: Blackhole Sun!


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