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I think the concept of this deck definitely has potential but I don't know how to make this deck as good as it can be. this lists experimental and not final. the basic premise is to use Theater of Horrors to gain a card advantage which is also mad e possible which Pteramander which is one of my favorite cards in standard right now. you can play it early and use it as a way to damage your opponent to help activate Theater of Horrors and later in the game it can become a win condition (a 5/5 flyer is pretty good for 2 mana) currently I have x4 mainboard Duress which might seem like a strange choice and i'm still not sure about it. in the first version of my deck I had x4 Goblin Gathering which helped against agro and also functioned as a secondary win condition with Judith, the Scourge Diva , but when I was playing I found that because of the card advantage provided by Theater of Horrors my discard cards like Carnival / Carnage , Drill Bit , Thought Erasure were winning games because I could get rid of my opponents entire hand and they would have nothing to do about my 5/5 Pteramander . this change is untested so I don't know how it will work so if you have any ideas I would love to hear them. I am just getting back into standard so I don't know much about what is good and what is not. I need suggestions on how to make the deck better in general. for example: I really love Pestilent Spirit in theory but it has been awkward in terms of having the mana to play it and doesn't fit my curve very well for some reason. anyways, if you see this and have an idea on how to improve anything i'm doing here please let me know im still in the very early stages of this deck. also t is worth noting that I own all these cards and am not buying anything so please don't suggest really expensive cards and stuff I know my land base could be better but i'm looking for ways to improve the synergy and effectiveness of the deck based around the grixis control idea with Theater of Horrors . I am not trying to be fast but I want to make sure the deck is strong against fast decks and slow decks. do you have any ideas for a good sideboard? I don't know what types of things I should have other than probably x4 Negate . thanks for stopping by, have a great day!


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