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This deck was made due to the new bans making it look as though midrange is the way to go. I was looking through infinite comboes that are underused & thought that puresight Merrow looked like a fun way to win. Now if the puresight combo doesnt work this deck is a great shell for the argueably better salheeli felidar guardian combo but, I feel that puresight deserves a chance plus I feel that it would be great fun to play. The idea of the deck is keep value coming with the 20 cantrips until you assemble the combo of puresight Merrow & cryptolith rite. Once it is on the field you can exile your deck away until you find lab man picking him up with one of your draw spells then play him just to Exile the rest of your deck away for the win. A back up wincon is the favorable winds plus your fliers to win with beat down. I know that this deck has a lot to improve upon but I feel that it is really fun & hope to hear feedback on how to not only improve it but of games that you used the deck & how it played for you!


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