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This isn't your typical Jund deck in that ideally you want to discard Griselbrand off Faithless Looting turn one, cast Goryo's Vengeance turn two targeting Griselbrand , then swing with him before activating his ability to draw seven cards, gaining massive card and health advantage super early. This also serves to beef up Tarmogoyf quickly. Life from the Loam serves to grab lands and beef Tarmogoyf as well. There are 12 one drops in the deck so you're almost guaranteed to have a useful first turn play. Lightning Bolt/Fatal Push an enemy creature off the board or Raven's Crime a power spike out of your opponents hand, plusthe trick of retrace, dumping lands only to get them back with Life from the Loam. Kitchen Finks are great for your mid early game to keep you going until you can draw into Griselbrand and/or Goryo's Vengeance and Scavenging Ooze helps take plays away from dredge/recursion decks you play against. Kolaghan's Command is a great multifunctional tool that offers a versatile option in several different situations.Sideboard-Anger of the Gods is a boardwipe that will hit most decks, your only concern here is Tron decks. Crumble to Dust is a one of and it is a great way to take the ramp away from Tron or any deck playing a lot of nonbasics. Damnation is a great boardwipe that hits everything creature wise, so cast with Kitchen Finks on the board or save a Tarmogoyf for after. Dreadbore is extra spot removal that also pops pesky pkaneswalkers like Liliana of the Veil, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and Karn Liberated. Molten Rain is another land popper that shocks as well so good stuff there. Night of Souls' Betrayal takes care of pesky token decks just use with caution as you might take some things off your own board if used too soon. Pithing Needle is a great way to shut down pesky abilities that give you problems. Shatterstorm takes care of affinity and any other decks running heavy artifacts. Surgical Extraction is total removal of all copies of a specific card, from hand, library, and graveyard. Could possibly mainboard if you're unfamiliar with the deck you're up against, for one black or 2 life it is a ton of free information. Nature's Claim is spot removal for one of artifacts like tron running Oblivion Stone. That pretty much covers the decklist, don't hesitate with any questions or suggestions! Also this deck is ranked at number 4 so please upvote and share! Lets get to number 1!


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