MTG Combo: Grand Architect + Pili-Pala

This combo generates infinite:

  • Colored mana


  1. Play Grand Architect or Pili-Pala .
  2. Play whichever remains from the above step.
  3. Activate Grand Architect 's first ability, targeting Pili-Pala and turning it blue.
  4. Activate Grand Architect 's second ability targeting and tapping Pili-Pala , generating .
  5. Use the to activate and untap Pili-Pala , generating one mana of any color.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5.


allanwlevy on Milldrotha (Muldrotha-Commander)

2 months ago

I might steal your idea on the Basalt Monolith - that's a great infinite mill. If I were you, I'd cut down your average CMC a little. Muldrotha combo is incredibly potent, so the faster you can make your deck the better. There's more than enough room to combo off without eldrazi, primordials, or praetors.

If you're interested, here's my list: Milldrotha, the Gravetide. The description isn't updated, but the main combos are Lazav, the Multifarious + Mirror-Mad Phantasm or Mirror-Mad Phantasm + Necrotic Ooze into Laboratory Maniac ; or Grand Architect + Pili-Pala / Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake for infinite mana into either Torment of Hailfire or repeatedly saccing Muldrotha to Altar of Dementia .

Mr9Loganja on rash decisions

5 months ago

update: I decided to go Flash + Protean Hulk for Grand Architect + Pili-Pala or for Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle and Baral, Chief of Compliance

order was put in, waiting for cards to ship. will update the list when they come in

tmagrath on Death By Firing Squad

8 months ago

Alright, this thing looks absolutely filthy. I love any infinite energy mechanic that doesn't involve Felidar Guardian. Bravo.

There's an infinite combo around Shrine of Piercing Vision in here.

If you arrive at a board state where you have an infinite untap combo up and running and a non-land way of generating mana (either Vedalken Engineer or the Grand Architect + Pili-Pala ), but do not have the Consulate Turret, you can put infinite charge counters on Shrine of Piercing Vision. This means you can tutor for anything and (most importantly) put all the other cards on the "bottom" of your library in any order, which would end up being the top if you go through your whole deck. This would also let you tutor for a clutch counterspell and instantly cast it if your board is threatened.

It's a good defensive combo to have available, particularly since you can tutor your way to going "shields up" with an Isochron Scepter + Mana Leak .

BlazingAbsol on Blue Sun Pili-Pala, THE Party Drug

11 months ago

Ah, I got you. Well, youve got some good ideas going on here, but the problem is they dont really work together very well. Based in n this, theres a couple of decks you could build:

  • Grand Architect + Pili-Pala this conbo gets you infinite mana potentially on turn 3, which is extremely powerful. If you go this route, you can add things like Serum Visions, Opt, Slight of Hand, and cards like Remand, as well as some way to kill your opponent with your infinite mana like Blue Sun's Zenith. This makes the deck into an all-in combo. Basically, if you get your combo, you should win, but if your opponent stops you, you probably wont.

  • Illusions: this makes the deck into an aggressive deck looking to stick a Lord of the Unreal. If you go this route, add as many powerful and cheep illusion creatures as you can, along with cheep Blue disruption like Vapor Snag or Spell Pierce. With this type of deck, youre looking to kill your opponent as fast as possible with your illusions.

  • A Gifts Ungiven deck. I would really recommend this type of deck, but people usually uses Gifts to find Unburial Rites and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite and no other cards (yes you can do that) and then reanimate Norn.

  • If you like the feeling of playing enormous Artifact creature while having counters, Id recommend you do some reaserch into Mono Blue Tron. Its a deck that uses the Urza lands (Urza's Mine, Urza's Tower, Urza's Power Plant) to play these giant threats early.

Anyway, those are some of the options I see in this deck. Good luck with your career in Magic!

BlazingAbsol on Blue Sun Pili-Pala, THE Party Drug

11 months ago

I'm not sure I understand. Is this a Grand Architect + Pili-Pala deck? Illusion tribal? Biomass Mutation swarm? A Gifts Ungiven deck? You've got a lot going on here, and I don't think it all works together too well.

TCG-Player on The Reaper King (Scarecrow tribal?!)

1 year ago

I tried to include both Wild-Field Scarecrow and Scuttlemutt, but i endedbup cutting them because therebis just so much better ramp/color fixing. Scarecrone and Pili-Pala are the only Scarecrows i am currently running. If there are no good scarecrows make all your creatures scarecrows.
P.S.: Do you know the Grand Architect + Pili-Pala infinite mana combo?

Thyrd on Competitive Modern Mill

1 year ago

Hey Peisistratos,

Great guide! I read most of it, and I like the direction of it, you're very thorough, and I appreciate you taking the time to break down why things were considered and why things weren't. So, thanks.

I'm curious about a few cards/combos I didn't see in here, and hoping to get your thoughts on them. Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank I know we're not causing them to take any damage from any source(per se), but I think it relevant that the combo can start on their upkeep before they untap, provided you have the mana up. This will mill them, obviously, and it gets through the Emrakul, the Aeons Torn or Progenitus due to them taking fatal life dmg, even if you have it mill them infinite times while they keep moving the stacks through, on those creatures. I think the 6 to 8 cards it'd cost to make it an alternate sideboard plan are a viable option, and it keeps the "shell" without sacrificing the other slots for other relevant cards. I think it combos well with the Mesmeric Orb you mention also. Duskmantle Guildmage is also a standalone card, in a deck like this, with the milling of 10-13 cards via Glimpse the Unthinkable and Archive Trap.

I would also like your thoughts on Mind Grind it might be kicking a dead horse, though tbh. The mana sink for it is huge, but an easy boost would be a mana producing combo also... Grand Architect + Pili-Pala This is a weak and janky combo, but I feel like the sideboard of games 2 and 3 are the biggest weaknesses of this deck. So, imo, the best way to win it is to keep milling them, but to add an alternate win-con, Gutshot and copy spells, for example.

There's more I could say for higher costs of mana, but you did say that anything 5+ was out, and I think it's a super valid point.

Thanks again,