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To be honest, Disciple_of_Doran, I just never thought it through. Exsanguinate mostly just fills the generic wincon slot, and I really never searched for things like it that were more efficient for that slot. It just worked, and so it stayed. You are right about it, though. I should make the change.

May 19, 2018 9:01 p.m.

Wow, I've apparently been slacking. Busy week.

Hexekk, Harsh Justice was in the very first draft of the deck. It was pretty good for a mid-game multi-creature attack. The problem I found was that it didn't prevent the damage, and it only outperformed Eye for an Eye if more than one creature attacked, and was useless against non-creature damage. I replaced it with Eye for an Eye, and then eventually took that out, too. It is a good card for sure, and can occasionally surprise someone for a win. Well worth considering for people trying vary things up with Aikido decks, and actually a pretty good mono-White Aikido card.

Bloodytrailz, I like your thought process. For finisher, I like Exsanguinate. It can just end a game. Acidic Soil is also a super solid card. I currently run it over Exsanguinate. I also have been thinking about Orzhov Advokist. It is a dangerous card to run, but it has a very interesting effect on the game. People are often happy to get a long term pump to their creature for redirecting an attack away from you. This also creates somewhat of an arms race amongst your opponents, as no one wants to be hit with a rapidly growing creature without defending themselves. Before you know it, your opponents are duking it out with ever growing creatures, leaving you to watch them beat each other. This is exactly the kind of situation that benefits an Aikido general. I also ran the Vow cycle early in the evolution of the deck. The problem was that just because they could't attack me doesn't mean that they can't block me. I found them to be a little problematic, and I think Orzhov Advokist is likely exactly the same.

Coward_Token, I think that Thief of Blood is to Solemnity for counters as Bojuka Bog is to Rest in Peace for graveyard hate, with the addition of having a game ending body, and having a much higher CMC, but basically doing nothing against Infect. I feel like the continuous effect is a much better option.

bradtheimpaler13, it was a custom alter that I commissioned by Sandreline Mousse. She is my favorite altered art artists. I plan to get my ABUR duals altered by her as well.

Nothing new to report for changes or considerations. I have't really dug through the Dominaria stuff, but haven't seen much of value for Queen Marchesa, and I haven't played much, and the last few games I have played were Archenemy: Bolas. That is a pretty fun diversion from EDH.

May 13, 2018 9:59 p.m.


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