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Player Gatheroth pie chart DraftBot pie chart DraftBot pie chart DraftBot pie chart DraftBot pie chart DraftBot pie chart DraftBot pie chart DraftBot pie chart
Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Professional Face-Breaker Light 'Em Up Cutthroat Contender Daring Escape Rhox Pummeler Chrome Cat Daring Escape Obscura Storefront
1 - 2 Gala Greeters Jetmir's Fixer Murder Big Score Attended Socialite Ready to Rumble Sky Crier Brokers Hideout
1 - 3 Jetmir's Fixer Daring Escape Light 'Em Up Join the Maestros Deal Gone Bad Witness Protection Security Bypass Rakish Revelers
1 - 4 Titan of Industry Backstreet Bruiser Make Disappear Girder Goons Maestros Initiate Corrupt Court Official Caldaia Strongarm Halo Scarab
1 - 5 Unlucky Witness Celestial Regulator Incriminate Skybridge Towers Midnight Assassin Buy Your Silence Halo Scarab Glittermonger
1 - 6 Pyre-Sledge Arsonist Echo Inspector Brokers Initiate Sky Crier Riveteers Initiate Quick-Draw Dagger Rakish Revelers Broken Wings
1 - 7 Light 'Em Up Civic Gardener Cabaretti Courtyard Big Score Racers' Ring Civil Servant Broken Wings Make Disappear
1 - 8 Bootleggers' Stash Snooping Newsie Paragon of Modernity Waterfront District Daring Escape Hold for Ransom Celebrity Fencer Capenna Express
1 - 9 Voice of the Vermin Fake Your Own Death Quick-Draw Dagger Run Out of Town Revelation of Power Sewer Crocodile Deal Gone Bad Racers' Ring
1 - 10 Riveteers Decoy Tramway Station Inspiring Overseer Kill Shot Ready to Rumble Brokers Initiate Rhox Pummeler Raffine's Guidance
1 - 11 Fleetfoot Dancer Revel Ruiner Echo Inspector Incriminate An Offer You Can't Refuse Brokers Initiate Glamorous Outlaw Social Climber
1 - 12 Sizzling Soloist Citizen's Crowbar Corrupt Court Official For the Family Stimulus Package Torch Breath Illuminator Virtuoso Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer
1 - 13 Darling of the Masses Torch Breath Call In a Professional Darling of the Masses Knockout Blow Darling of the Masses Brokers Charm Crew Captain
1 - 14 Hoard Hauler Cemetery Tampering Riveteers Charm Sleep with the Fishes Graveyard Shift Night Clubber Brokers Charm Rigo, Streetwise Mentor
1 - 15 Mountain Mountain Island Swamp Plains Swamp Plains Mountain
2 - 1 Pyre-Sledge Arsonist Psionic Snoop Brokers Initiate Midnight Assassin Shattered Seraph Jewel Thief Sky Crier Riveteers Initiate
2 - 2 Ognis, the Dragon's Lash Disdainful Stroke Ominous Parcel Hold for Ransom Skybridge Towers Rakish Revelers Antagonize Backstreet Bruiser
2 - 3 Jetmir's Garden Glittermonger Plasma Jockey Backup Agent Revel Ruiner Celestial Regulator Jewel Thief Civil Servant
2 - 4 Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer Psionic Snoop High-Rise Sawjack Warm Welcome Obscura Initiate Sewer Crocodile Prizefight Girder Goons
2 - 5 Glittermonger Antagonize Disdainful Stroke Backup Agent Rakish Revelers Dig Up the Body Maestros Theater Big Score
2 - 6 Warm Welcome Mayhem Patrol Echo Inspector Corrupt Court Official Sky Crier Jetmir's Fixer Obscura Initiate Jetmir's Fixer
2 - 7 Involuntary Employment High-Rise Sawjack Ominous Parcel Maestros Initiate Ominous Parcel Psionic Snoop Speakeasy Server Majestic Metamorphosis
2 - 8 Freelance Muscle Cabaretti Courtyard Dapper Shieldmate Rooftop Nuisance Witness Protection Make Disappear Extract the Truth Waterfront District
2 - 9 Unlicensed Hearse Cabaretti Initiate Gathering Throng Light 'Em Up Majestic Metamorphosis Brokers Initiate Ready to Rumble Witness Protection
2 - 10 Glittering Stockpile Exhibition Magician Join the Maestros Rakish Revelers Riveteers Overlook Majestic Metamorphosis Inspiring Overseer Cutthroat Contender
2 - 11 Call In a Professional Disdainful Stroke Elegant Entourage Arc Spitter Jewel Thief Demon's Due Plasma Jockey Ominous Parcel
2 - 12 Sanguine Spy An Offer You Can't Refuse Ceremonial Groundbreaker Fatal Grudge Raffine's Silencer Inspiring Overseer Gathering Throng Halo Scarab
2 - 13 Call In a Professional Involuntary Employment Metropolis Angel Slip Out the Back Take to the Streets Maestros Charm Metropolis Angel Crew Captain
2 - 14 Shakedown Heavy Obscura Ascendancy Corpse Explosion An Offer You Can't Refuse Courier's Briefcase Nimble Larcenist Vampire Scrivener Rabble Rousing
2 - 15 Plains Swamp Island Swamp Island Swamp Mountain Plains
3 - 1 Torch Breath Cabaretti Courtyard Big Score Jetmir's Fixer Gathering Throng Make Disappear Halo Scarab Wrecking Crew
3 - 2 Venom Connoisseur Kill Shot Goldhound Paragon of Modernity Corrupt Court Official Disdainful Stroke Raffine's Guidance Big Score
3 - 3 Titan of Industry Attended Socialite Brokers Hideout Brokers Hideout Midnight Assassin Echo Inspector Maestros Theater Majestic Metamorphosis
3 - 4 Park Heights Pegasus For the Family Chrome Cat Glamorous Outlaw Civil Servant Brokers Initiate Civic Gardener Rhox Pummeler
3 - 5 Darling of the Masses Cabaretti Courtyard Attended Socialite Celebrity Fencer Corrupt Court Official Plasma Jockey Quick-Draw Dagger Majestic Metamorphosis
3 - 6 Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer Obscura Initiate Social Climber Buy Your Silence Shattered Seraph Dapper Shieldmate Deal Gone Bad Chrome Cat
3 - 7 Urabrask, Heretic Praetor Witness Protection Halo Scarab Masked Bandits Security Bypass Big Score Most Wanted Celestial Regulator
3 - 8 Brokers Initiate Caldaia Strongarm Girder Goons Speakeasy Server Incriminate Celestial Regulator Rhox Pummeler Botanical Plaza
3 - 9 Courier's Briefcase Spara's Adjudicators Glamorous Outlaw Sewer Crocodile Light 'Em Up Ready to Rumble Raffine's Guidance Rakish Revelers
3 - 10 Jaxis, the Troublemaker Goldhound Security Bypass Spara's Adjudicators Hold for Ransom Rooftop Nuisance Big Score Riveteers Overlook
3 - 11 Cabaretti Initiate Paragon of Modernity Jackhammer Metropolis Angel Witty Roastmaster High-Rise Sawjack Dapper Shieldmate Body Dropper
3 - 12 Ceremonial Groundbreaker A Little Chat Brokers Veteran Psionic Snoop Pugnacious Pugilist Ballroom Brawlers Corpse Appraiser Slip Out the Back
3 - 13 Extraction Specialist Cement Shoes Obscura Charm Involuntary Employment Raffine's Silencer Queza, Augur of Agonies Rogues' Gallery Night Clubber
3 - 14 Cut of the Profits Pugnacious Pugilist Psychic Pickpocket Cleanup Crew Illicit Shipment Undercover Operative Brokers Ascendancy Disciplined Duelist
3 - 15 Plains Island Swamp Island Forest Swamp Forest Swamp